The penalty in the sixteenth minute Me to the right corner of the goal post. Please select the It was as calm as the non-Arabian coast. The face of Enr Valencia. Even in his goal aspirations Tarna could not see a smile. The mystery hidden in the depths Tiramalayu, which is raging between Lumai. Te Hunkaras are his joy. Come to Rathu.

In Africa or Latin America Who reached the world stage after studying hard Poverty for star and parayan and stories of hardships Valencia’s life is outside. Emelek Club in the Ecuadorian League The beginning of the youth career that started in Money to pay for accommodation facilities in Cow lying in the Millade Stadium Maram. Not enough money even for food Mpol room rental in luxury What a time! Most people of African descent play football. A life to remember That’s all. However, international football is played in the stadium. While the king was playing Police followed up with a warrant. Nnettia history is more in world football. R will not own it.

It was in 2018. World Cup between Chile and Ecuador in Quito Gita meets in the round. Boogie up to the rough oxygen mask. While taking it out Police arrive looking for Valencia Th. He tried to avoid arrest. He was acting in Then there were stories.

Niyama U who was with his ex-wife He would have followed the footsteps of Police said. Give the child months to grow A healthy lifestyle has been cut short. The warrant was pending. The case was settled soon. But Valencia’s football R lost the rhythm with that. In the opening match of the World Cup The strength of Qatar’s goal net for the second time Complete control of the ball while tracking Valencia had the name, but it His life is often his own. It was not under control.

Four years without form Nzia has won the English Premier League. Not Tara. West Ham United and Everton The remainder was for the Mexican League. Tom. Now Fenerbahçe wants to play in the Turkish league. Ndi is playing. Still, for the rest of 2006, the world for Ecuador He is the only player to have scored a goal. The name belongs to Valencia. Three goals in 2014, now on to that milestone. One more. A total of 37 international goals for the state.

In the meantime, calamities abound He had not left Sia. In 2020, sister Ersi was beaten by the armed group. Taking After being held captive for ten days, the rest were released. . Valencia played again, Futbo Milk on the way to buy boots The old boy who was holding the sword Nothing could be done. A life that never rests Thirty-three years old with career He said to him, The Premier League or the Spanish League is a distant dream. That will be enough. However, in San Lorenzo, Kurta Equa Messi and Rowe in Doreen’s Football Culture Naldo and all today he is the only one….


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