Love Murder Mystery: Many incidents of crime (CRIME) come to the fore in India, but the brutal murder of Shraddha Walker (Shraddha Murder Case) has scared all the parents, including the capital Delhi, whose children are busy in studies or jobs. Stay out of touch. Aftab Poonawala is not the first such savage to cross all limits of savagery.

The Bela Rani Dutta murder case took place on 31 January 1954. After that, on 2 July 1995, the Naina Sahni murder case, also known as ‘Tandoor Kand’. Anupama Gulati murder case took place on 17 October 2010, in which the girl was cut into 72 pieces. Now on May 18, 2022, the Shraddha massacre took place, in which the girl was cut into 35 pieces.

Experts who solve criminal cases believe that the killers of all the four cases were suffering from a brutal mindset and the killers did not act on the spur of the moment, but after thinking carefully. Experts also say that the active role of family and friends can prevent such incidents. Today we will tell you in detail about these four incidents.

Ghazalkar Iqbal Azim, born in Meerut, may have written this poem for the perpetrators of such heinous incidents…

How cleanly has the murderer washed his sleeves,
He doesn’t know that blood also speaks…

Belarani Dutta Murder Case – 31 January 1954

Love Murder Mystery: It is about January 31, 1954. A sweeper in Kolkata found a packet wrapped in newspaper near the toilet. He saw splatters of blood on the newspaper and also saw a human finger. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot and started the investigation. Everyone was surprised by the revelation of the incident. A young man named Biren had an affair with women named Belarani and Meera. He was leading a double life. If there was a delay in meeting, both the women would ask him questions and Biren would get upset. Meanwhile, Belarani tells Biren that she is pregnant. Biren then killed him and cut his body into pieces. After this he kept the body pieces in the cupboard of that house and slept for two days. He later threw the pieces of Belarani’s body in different parts of the city. Biren was sentenced to death after being found guilty in the case.

Naina Sahni murder case (Tandoor case) , 2 July 1995)

Love Murder Mystery: Naina Sahni was killed by her husband Sushil Sharma on July 2, 1995. Sushil Sharma was a youth leader of the Congress and an MLA in Delhi. Sushil had objections to Naina’s relationship with Matlub Khan. Matlub and Naina knew each other since school days. On the day of the incident, Sushil saw Naina talking to Matlub on the phone. He got furious and shot Naina. After this he went to a restaurant with Naina’s body and along with the manager there thought of disposing of the body. The body was kept in the oven to convert it into ashes. The police later arrested the restaurant manager, but Sharma managed to escape. Later he surrendered.

Anupama Gulati murder case – 17 october 2010

Love Murder Mystery: Anupama’s husband Rajesh Gulati brutally killed her and cut her body into 72 pieces and kept it in a deep freezer. When Anupama’s brother Suraj reached Dehradun from Delhi after not getting any condition of his sister, the heinous murder case came to light. Aftab is said to have read about the Anupama Gulati murder case before killing Shraddha.

Quarrel after children’s sleep, Anupama lost her life

Anupama had a love marriage with software engineer Rajesh. According to the charge sheet, there were frequent quarrels between Anupama and Rajesh Gulati. On the night of October 17, 2010, both Anupama and Rajesh’s children were asleep. On the day of the murder, during a quarrel, Anupama’s head hit the corner of the bed, after which she fainted. He did not regain consciousness for half an hour.

Rajesh thinks that Anupama has already filed a case against him and does not file a case, so it is necessary to complete the work. He brings cotton kept in the house and stuffs it in Anupama’s mouth. Eventually, Anupama dies of suffocation. After this, Rajesh picked up Anupama’s body and kept it in the bathroom. He kept thinking the whole night how to dispose of the dead body? There was a fear of being seen when taken out, so he brutally killed the dead body and kept it in the deep freezer by cutting it into 72 pieces. Whenever there was a holiday, Rajesh along with his children used to go to Dehradun and sometimes to Mussoorie. Along with it he would also take one or two pieces of Anupama in polythene and throw the pieces in the mountains.

Rajesh is still in jail. He pleaded with the court to let him out for a few days to see his children, but the court said that the place for criminals like you is just a dungeon.

Shraddha murder case – May 2022

Shraddha Murder Case: The beginning of this story started from a call center in Mumbai, where 25 year old Shraddha used to work. Here Shraddha met a young man named Aftab. Gradually both came closer to each other. The talk of love started moving forward and the relationship between the two started getting stronger. But when the families of both came to know about this love, both the families disagreed with this relationship. According to the police, Shraddha’s family members were not happy with this marriage. After this, after fighting with her family, Shraddha came to Aftab and started living in live-in. After a few months, Shraddha talked about marrying Aftab, which Aftab kept on avoiding.

When Shraddha started pressing for marriage, Aftab became a monster and strangled Shraddha in anger on 18 May 2022. After the death of Shraddha, Aftab, who has become a monster, cut her dead body into 35 pieces. He also bought a refrigerator in which the body parts were kept. According to the police, after the murder, Aftab started placing body parts at various places in and around Delhi during the night for the next 18 days.

When the family did not agree, they left Mumbai and came to Delhi.

The families of both were unhappy with this relationship, but the couple wanted to move together and settle in the new world. When the family did not accept their relationship, both of them finally took a big step and left Mumbai and moved towards Delhi. After coming from Mumbai, Shraddha and Aftab started living in a rented flat in Chhatarpur area of ​​Delhi.

Shraddha wanted to marry, met death

Both were living in a live-in relationship in Delhi, but a few days after coming to Delhi, quarrels started between the two. This thing was mentioned by the accused Aftab only in the police interrogation. Shraddha wanted to marry Aftab after coming to Delhi. But Aftab was not getting ready for marriage. When Shraddha starts pressing for marriage, Aftab forgets the love and relationships for which he came from Mumbai to Delhi.

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