Spain: It is not possible to make up for past losses. But if these young footballers can win the World Cup trophy and give it to the coach! A father who has lost his daughter can be somewhat distressed.

Kolkata: It’s only been a few years since Ekratty lost her daughter. Can you forget him! Is it possible to forget? One can only pretend to forget. Mental pain is covered by own responsibilities and duties. Loss to professionalism means passion. How was the situation with Luis Enrique? How is it? There is no way to understand him. A father who has lost a child, also looks for ‘the child’ as a coach. Having lost many things in personal life, he has turned around little by little. To a coach, footballers can be like his children. You can be enlightened by their success, you can forget the lost moments of personal life. Well, to be a successful coach, do you have to be strict? At the end of the day, with the mental struggle, is he successful on the field? Or broken every day? Build yourself again…! As Enrique might have done. How Spanish lost a girl (Spain) He has made football fans dream! World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022) The story of a father and coach in the moments before kick-off TV9 Bangla.

Spain’s golden generation is past. The tide that the World Cup victory brought to Spanish football in 2010 quickly turned into an ebb. Spain was looking for a way to make an impression on world football. In the last World Cup, Spain was eliminated in the last sixteen. After that, Luis Enrique was given the responsibility of the national team. How Enrique was a footballer cannot be explained in one word. Played in all positions except goalkeeper and central defense. On the football field, the opponent’s defense repeatedly defeated, but did not succeed for a time. In 2019, Enrique took a temporary break from the role of coach of Spain due to personal reasons. Hand over interim duties to friend and teammate Robert Moreno. Enrique could not give time to ‘La Roja’. Wanted to be near the child. The Spanish Football Federation was also on his side. But Enrique could not stay with his daughter for long. Enrique’s daughter Hana lived for only two months. He died of cancer. After Hana’s death in August 2019, Enrique wrote in a touching message on social media, ‘After five months of fighting, Hana left us today. Hannah, miss you everyday. You will be remembered every day. You will remain the light of our future.’


Enrique could have left everything behind and sat at home. He could drown himself in single moans for days. But give importance to sense of responsibility, duty and professionalism. Showing mental toughness, Enrique picked up the Spain team’s rush again. In his absence, Moreno gradually strengthened his base. Moreno was seriously considering taking the position of coach, Enrique claimed in the press conference. He is not usually seen losing his temper. Moreno’s behavior could not keep himself calm. Someone will take advantage of the loss of his personal life! Why would it be a successful coach?

It was then that Qatar started the blueprint for the World Cup. And this is the explosion in Spanish football. Despite the opportunity to select a 26-man squad for the 2020 Euro Cup, he took 24. No Real Madrid player got a chance. He was also given the title of coach against Real Madrid. The visionary Enrique’s team of young footballers to reach the semi-finals of the Euro Cup proved his decision to be correct. The same Euro squad is practically retained for Qatar. Little has changed. With the entire world at a standstill due to Covid, Enrique also had trouble preparing for the World Cup. Has gradually arranged.

Perhaps Luis Enrique’s success or failure will be judged on Spain’s performance at the World Cup in Qatar. This time too, after the announcement of the squad, he did not have to face less criticism. Experienced goalkeeper David De Gea, defender Sergio Bemos did not make a place in the squad. He wants to look ahead. Only Sergio Busquets from the 2010 champion team has been kept in the squad. A bunch of young footballers are fighting for the World Cup. Those on whom the coach has placed his trust, they also have the responsibility to give it dignity.

It is not possible to make up for past losses. But if these young footballers win the World Cup trophy and give it to the coach! A father who has lost his daughter can be somewhat distressed.


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