Mamata Banerjee: From that meeting in Navanna, the Chief Minister expressed her dissatisfaction with the work in several areas in the city of Kolkata and its surrounding areas. There, several topics such as preserving the beautification of Princepghat or keeping the roads clean came up in Mamata’s voice.

Mamata Banerjee: 'Why Refer Pregnant Women?'

Mamata Banerjee

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TV9 Bangla Digital | Edited By: Soumya Saha

Nov 21, 2022 | 3:49 p.m

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sat in the review meeting of the State Health and Family Welfare Department on Monday. From that meeting in Nabanna, the Chief Minister expressed his dissatisfaction with the work in several areas in the city of Kolkata and the surrounding areas. There, several topics such as preserving the beautification of Princepghat or keeping the roads clean came up in Mamata’s voice. In addition to this, he also highlighted all the plans that the state has in the field of health in the coming days.

What did the Chief Minister say?

  1. Mamata Banerjee has taken many steps in the past to beautify the banks of the Ganges at Princepghat. But currently the Chief Minister is a bit upset about the condition of Princepghat. Said, “I made the music system, seating area in the Kaoratala crematorium when I was the MP from South Kolkata. I’m like, Bobby’s here, Prinsep Ghat is very bad. Poushmela is held there. Why not being repaired? It hurts to say. As a child, he will give lollipops every day. Sometimes officers, ministers, governments change. But the policy does not change. Why not monitor it regularly? The people of Calcutta have nowhere to go. So I did it.”
  2. Mamata Banerjee talked about the plan of Ganga Aarti here as well as in various pilgrimages in North India to increase the beautification of the banks of the Ganges. He said, “I want a place for Ganga Aarti to be here. Occurs in various places in Uttar Pradesh. I want it too. It has to be done in a place, where there is a place to sit, where people will not fall, there is a temple, where people consider it a place of peace, I am directing the Calcutta Purnigam to see such a place. Even if it takes two years, there is no harm.”
  3. The chief minister is also upset about the non-lighting of lights on the foreshore road. He said, “If there is someone from the transport department, I am telling the chief secretary, Nabanna is coming from Howrah direction, see the condition of the road. Why not wash with water? Wash first. Now closed. Why do you have to tell me? Forsoor Road is not lit. Whose duty is it? My duty! Purnigam, Minister, SP, DM are there. Why wouldn’t it! Ministers come, but the work of the office must be seen. How many more times will I say?”
  4. The Chief Minister said, “We are busy criticizing ourselves. Have to think positively. Even if the doctor retires, we keep re-appointment. We have increased by 600 seats. To further improve the quality of primary health care, health centers are being developed at the sub-health center level. There will be 10,173 health centers by 2023 and 16,616 health centers by 25-26. 4,461 have already been approved and more than 2,000 have been commissioned. Health will reach more people’s doorsteps. Free outdoor service, various tests will be done. So far, more than 108 million outdoors have benefited.”
  5. He further said, “A project of Tk 3,800 crore has been taken up to improve NCD. 8 crore 43 lakh people are enrolled in health partner, services are available in about 2500 hospitals. Still 4.3 million people have been provided services worth 5 thousand crore rupees. A separate health partner portal has been opened.”
  6. The chief minister also spoke about the suffering of the people in the state’s government health infrastructure. He said, “People’s money should pay the price of the people.” He said to the hospitals in the district, “Will you stop referring! Also referring pregnant women. Then they travel by car to another place and die while being admitted to the hospital. Why is this happening! You have to take responsibility for it. If this is the case, the person who referred should take responsibility for the deceased. If necessary, the help of the superintendent of the district hospital should be taken on video call.”
  7. The chief minister was also seen threatening the health secretary. Mamata said, “Have you ever had a surprise visit? Never go to the market. Never go to the hospital. Let us not be careless. Negligence is a crime. We corrected it immediately.”


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