Sridevi says Mammootty saved her from the begging mafia. This revelation of Sridevi was during a channel program.

A video sharing the experiences of a girl named Sridevi, who escaped from the begging mafia and came to the Janaseva Kendra, is gaining attention on social media.

Sridevi tells the story of Mammootty’s rescuer while participating in a program on a private channel. Mammootty will be seen on the location of Pattalam movie. He entered the location and went to beg. Gone hungry. Hungry, he went to Mammooka and said that sir, he is hungry and wants to get something to eat.

Mammooka looked at my face for a long time. Then Mammooka started to inquire about me. What is this child and how did this child get here? Then I thought why this child had such a problem. They called all the public servants there and started investigating. So a village woman takes the child and brings it up.

That child is suffering a lot. We have to do something. Then he said that we are brave after coming to help sir. Then Mammooka sir said I will take up whatever it is. You have to take the child in the hostel I mentioned. So before that I said I will not go sir, I will study from here. When I asked if he would make the arrangements for that, he said yes.

There are people who are said to be Ashrafika Mustafaka. told them. Do whatever you want. It’s okay if they get better from here. Or let’s look at another way. Then I only know Tamil. I don’t know Malayalam. So when the teacher told Ashrafika, he told Mammooka about it.

So Mammooka was sent to an institution in care of her. He is investigating the matter till reaching that institution. That is how Aluva came to Janaseva Kendra. The begging mafia does not know that Mammooka is behind it. It was only when I came to the Janaseva Kendra run by Jose Maveli that I realized what life is,” said Sridevi.

Indira Sabrinath, an employee of Aluva Janaseva Sishu Bhavan, also participated in the program along with Sridevi. Indira said that Sridevi came to Aluva Janaseva Sishu Bhavan in 2003 at the age of six. Sridevi is brought by Malappuram Mammootty Fans Association. He was only six years old. Until the age of 18, Sridevi was placed in Janaseva Kendra. When she turned 18, she got married according to her wish’, said Indira.

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