Life is full of great stories. There will be some twists and turns including surprises. From the frenzy of such a wonderful surprise And has not achieved salvation. Yes Messi, Saxal saw Lionel Messi, a field away during the game. Not like water, but right next to it, in front of my eyes. The big little man could not be seen bowing his face. In fact, it was expected to be released in the mixed zone. Defeat in competition and the temporary disappointment it brings The world beyond Teumoke met a man who had been fighting for so long. It is a great blessing that I was able to hear those words. And for one day, not only Saudi Arabia, but the entire Arab world. To the Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Muhammad Al-Owais I was also able to take pictures. Not finished, Lautaro Martinez, who was walking very nervously, also gave a straight punch. A selfie with a smile!

For the rest of the match, the players will come down and talk to them. It is the mixed zone. There was great excitement among the Saudi and Qatari volunteers who were there. was in Media workers from different parts of the world are there.

The winners are the ones who came first after the competition. Before camera flashes and chedyas flashing with great wonder and excitement The first to arrive is the symbol of the middle level of sentimentality. It was Abdullah Almalki who became Mai.

"Nothing is impossible, and at 3 in the morning the preparation begins. What is “Thank you to the country and those who encouraged us,” Almalki said. Salah Al Shehri scored the equalizer against Nay. Talk with a full smile. He told Metro News that we paid attention not only to Messi. Every Argentinian star has been well studied and thoroughly researched. Likan is born. The self-interest of the Pharisee was great, Al-Shehri said.

That too is the arrival of Aloysi. Shaking hand to everyone as Susmeravadanam Thm. Not at all resentful when asked to take a selfie stood up
Everyone in the Saudi team walked away and the last came the Argentinian team. Lautaro Martínez stopped for a while and gave the opportunity to take a photo. Then Di Miria, Otamendi and De Paul walked away. Sakshal Messi is the last. Media workers from around the world gathered to hear a word from Messi. too

Messi left after talking for a long time. Defeat is a big disappointment, but the matches are sure to come. Messi said that he will return in There is complete faith in the players and the Pharisees. Apologies to fans for losing the match – Know English Yet Messi spoke in his own language, Spanish.


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