The Wall Bureau: Sabyasachi Chowdhury asked to pray for a miracle. Actress Aindrila Sharma, who is battling death at a private hospital in Howrah, also wrote, ‘Let her stay a little longer.’ Many fans cried after reading Sabyasachi’s post. It was as if a farewell tune was played somewhere. Thousands of media and social media people thronged the hospital premises. But Sabyasachi himself posted late on Friday night that the desired miracle has finally happened. Aindrila is responding to treatment. Trying hard to come out of ventilation (Responding in Treatment).

These few sentences have lit the light of hope in the premises of Facebook. But Sabyasachi wrote many other things along with him. He has touched various aspects of his fight with Aindrila with his own experience and feelings. There is helplessness in it, anger in it, love in it.

Sabyasachi writes, ‘Aindrila’s cardiac arrest happened the next morning, I saw her heart rate dropping below 40, blank lines on the monitor, the sound of crying, doctors running around. Within a few minutes the heart rate returned to various supports, the heart beat being 120. After that, as if someone hung an invisible hourglass upside down, time is falling like fine sand, steadily decreasing one by one heartbeat, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing faith in God.’

Sabyasachi said that the doctors responded at this time. The famous neurosurgeon came and informed that Aindrila had passed away. True to his words, Aindrila’s body started getting cold. Meanwhile, the news of Aindrila’s death spread on Facebook. However, yesterday, Friday, Aindrila suddenly responded by lying everything. To everyone’s surprise, Aindrila’s hand shakes a little more with faith in medicine. Sabyasachi writes, ‘At the moment Aindrila is without any kind of support, even trying to come out of ventilation. Get well clinically first, I will think about neuro later.’

However, the fact that so many people are concerned and praying for Aindrila has also created a controversy among some. Many people said, there is no need for so many prayers on Facebook, many people reminded again, many more people like Aindrila-Sabyasachi. Fighting the same. Sabyasachi also answered on their faces. He wrote, ‘Although many laughed or insulted me, I did not mind at all. I have fallen in the mud many times in this short life, so the skin has become quite thick.’

Along with that, his extremely realistic and clear few sentences left an impression on everyone’s mind. ‘Everything that has happened since the beginning of Aindrila is unnatural enough. But I think it’s a kind of insult to the rest of the patients to talk about it so much. …A healthy normal person tries to stay by the side of people close to him, clutching at straws in case of danger. I have known that to be normal for a long time. So you should stop glorifying it by arranging some old pictures and videos, playing songs. …I have seen hundreds of couples in my life spending the night on the footpath outside SSKM, because they love it. Yet we are called familiar faces, not them.’

It does not end here. Sabyasachi also reminded that many people were ‘disappointed’ in Aindrila’s response by performing miracles. He writes, ‘You know what, that news doesn’t sell. Finally, I smell a lot of vulture on people these days. For the last two days there was quite a crowd under the hospital, they have been working hard since last night to improve his condition.’

Finally, Sabyasachi thanked singer Arijit Singh. He also said that he has shown the direction of treatment.

However, among these, well-wishers want to grasp some of Sabyasachi’s words for now. ‘The girl came back with a shock from a kind of infinite void. He will not go if he says he will go, if you let him go, he will go. …Andrela will remain. Keep it big, then kill someone…!’

Aindrila’s ‘Glasgow Coma Score’ below five! How serious is the actress, what is the doctor saying?


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