Thiruvananthapuram: Priya Varghese has responded to the criticism on social media following the High Court verdict. Priya responded to the allegations on social media in a Facebook post. Priya Varghese shared a long note describing the post of Associate Professor as Appakashna.

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Priya Varghese described that Joseph Skaria and Priya Varghese went like cats for a piece of bread and came back without getting any bread. Priya accused the government-governor war, the party war and the war for the generations of an incident like heard in grandmother’s stories. Priya Varghese also criticized the description in the media as the wife of the Chief Minister’s private secretary.

Full version of the Facebook post


Actually, the story of one Joseph Skaria and one Priya Varghese going for a piece of bread like the cats in the old grandmother’s stories and coming back without getting any bread is being compared by the government governor as war for party war Vs war for generations. Let me ask my police officers one thing. K. The relationship between Ragesh and him is not a father-daughter relationship. It is only an agreement to live together and if any one of us terminates that agreement, then the scope of giving you the story of being the wife of the top man in the Chief Minister’s office will end with that. Or that’s all there is to your story.

‘That’s not it anymore K. K. Let’s say Ragesh, a party member, has been expelled by the party. Even then the storyline will break. In this movement from Palora Mata to Pushpan, K. K. You know that Ragesh is someone who can fall like a flower at any time without putting on the glasses you can buy in the schools you attended. But the original vision cannot be lost. Just saying that’.

The dispute is over the rank list of an interview held on November 18, 2021 – not actually the interview but the shortlist.

‘Itilipo Priya Varghese has nothing to be sad about. He is not the wheel of the golden lord but is currently a person who receives the salary of the Kerala government every month. A person who joined as an Assistant Professor in 2012 has no need to seek a new appointment to become an Associate Professor if he is still alive. And one of my fascinations with playing this game is that I’ve always loved beating these pushers. When I was ready to retire, a person who was not even an associate professor came to the channel when I heard him boasting that there will be no historians in Bhumi Malayalam who have not read my history thesis. A feeling of being like oh wow. As someone who has made a firm decision not to participate in any competition now or in the future involving the children I have taught, or children their age, no such moral issues stand in the way of this fight. And I was the only woman in that rank list. Kannur itself has many female Malayalam teachers whom I admire Dr. R. Like Dr. Rajshree. Like Jisa Jose. I think I got shortlisted because none of them applied. This is what Priya Varghese has to say in this regard.

But as a student who has studied pedagogy at post-graduate level, I still have some doubts as a student who is interested in learning.
*What does teaching mean?’

‘*Greater India is home to tuition institutions whose turnover exceeds the annual budget of many of our universities. If asked to tell five differences between these tuition institutions and universities, what should I say?’

‘*College teachers have never been called teachers by any education commission, they are named as lecturers, assistant professors, etc. in the documents.

‘These questions were asked by one Priya Varghese and K. K. Ragesh’s steps are not meant for prayer. Dr. who was also a teacher for a long time. M. A few days before Sathyan took charge as the director of the Kerala Language Institute, he saw that the premises of the language institute were overgrown with forest and decided to clean it up. Onam was approaching. Mashapo, let’s make a suggestion and make this cleaning work a part of the Onam celebrations, money and profit for the institute, which does not even have enough funds to publish the book, happiness and profit for us employees. We forgot about Mash’s deal and you made it a celebration. A. P. Here is the half-day steamed scene from iScore. Ummm to all who expressed love, sympathy and solidarity.


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