The Wall Bureau: Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi, even Medha Patkar – did not mention anyone’s name. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech turned around and talked about the Congress’s march program. Names of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and social activist Medha Patekar were attacked without naming names.

In an election meeting in Gujarat, the Prime Minister said, a Congress leader has started the journey. One such is his partner, who delayed the Narmada project by three decades.

Gujarat is not on Rahul’s tour of India. Medha also did not go to the Prime Minister’s state. However, this social activist has set foot on two journeys, including the start of the journey at Kanyakumiraka on September 7.

Why did the Prime Minister attack Medha? The Narmada River Project is the largest irrigation and flood control project in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Medha has been continuously agitating against the environmental damage and erosion of tribal interests in this project, which is as big as Teesta in Bengal, Bhakra Nangal project in Punjab. The World Bank withdrew from the project twice due to his agitation.

Although the project was designed for three states, the importance of the project for agriculture and flood control in the downstream state of Gujarat is greater. The project gained momentum after Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The BJP camp, including the Prime Minister, is attacking Medha this time because of the anger against the BJP among the tribals living in the Narmada basin. A number of tribal community leaders have joined Congress and AAP. They alleged that the Modi and BJP governments are not as sincere about the interests of tribals as they are keen on installing Sardar Patel’s statue.

But the anger of the tribals is not entirely new. But political experts believe that the BJP’s desperate attitude is behind the attack on Medha by bringing up the Narmada issue in the final stages of the election campaign. The prime minister is throwing all weapons at the opposition to fight the polls in his own state. Now Narmada got emotional. So along with Modi, the whole BJP family has started attacking Rahul and Medha on Narmada since yesterday.

The Congress has not yet responded to the Prime Minister’s words. It is expected that today Rahul Gandhi will hold the bat for the party and merit in this regard.

The BJP alleged that Medha and his teammates are misleading the tribals. Addressing an election rally in Gujarat’s Rajkot district yesterday, Modi said, ‘A Congress leader was seen walking with a woman who had stalled the Narmada project for three decades.’

He did not directly name Rahul or Patekar. The Prime Minister termed the Sardar Sarovar dam project on the Narmada river as the ‘lifeline’ of arid Gujarat. Addressing the crowd, the Prime Minister said, “When the Congress comes to ask for your votes, ask why those who opposed the Narmada dam and marched with their hands on their shoulders are your leaders.”

Rahul will campaign in Gujarat today and tomorrow. Yatra will be closed for these two days. BJP has started making fun of Rahul’s stoppage in Gujarat assembly campaign. Their statement, now it is understood, why the Congress leader is talking about joining Akshat Bharat. His real purpose is to vote.

Medha Patekar was seen with Rahul on two occasions. He was at the beginning of India Joro Yatra. Medha was also seen in Maharashtra last week. Modi alleged that the construction of the dam was stalled for three decades due to legal hurdles created by the agitators to malign Gujarat.

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