Monika Choudhary Dance Video: Every day a new dancer is seen coming from inside Haryana. But let us tell you that Sapna Chowdhary’s coin still runs today. Dance videos of Haryanvi dancer are also seen becoming increasingly viral on social media. The coin of the Haryanvi dancer also seems to be moving very fast and everyone gets injured seeing his style. But in the midst of all this, the name of Monika Choudhary seems to be going viral the most. People come from far and wide to see Monica Chowdhary’s dance and her stage breaking dance is also tremendous.

For information, let us tell you that another dance video of Monika Choudhary is going viral very fast all over the internet and has become very much discussed. Inside this video, Monika Choudhary can be seen dancing fiercely on the Haryanvi song. Along with this, she is seen giving so many killer expressions that even people are not able to take their eyes off her. Everyone is stunned to see this energetic dance of Monika Chowdhary on the stage.