Thiruvananthapuram: The World Cup in Qatar has sparked excitement. Chile and political Kerala. As the competitions begin, social media leaders Kshirashtriya Bhedamanye Cheri turned around and started shouting. Brazil-Argentina team at the start of football matches Minister V. with congratulatory posts. Shivankutty and MM Mani are the main characters this time. Minister, Leader of Opposition, MPs, MLAs and BJP leaders Kum football is exciting.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijaya who got excited without taking the side of the teams The fact that Qatar is hosting the World Cup makes Malayalam He said in the Facebook post that it is a very exciting thing to do. Our influence on world-leading and other construction activities C brothers have participated. It means that this belief is also the realization of their sweat. The Chief Minister also noted that Kerala is also a world champion.

Pratipa with a picture of himself wearing the jersey of his favorite team, Brazil. Ksha leader VD Satheesan shared his passion for football. Brazil is the greatest team of all time and a legend in its own right. Satishan’s story is what keeps Brazilian football alive today. St. brings a unique style to the fans in front of them. . That yellow, green and blue jersey is a sign. He said that the jersey has been his passion since childhood. Thiesan.

TN Prathapan MP also commented on the opposition leader’s post. The fans cheered. The cup is for Argentina…Messi Kha. Pratapan’s comment was, “Take the World Cup here.” Then Satish’s reply also arrived. Suresh Gopi, a friend of both of us, said ‘Take it to Thrissur’. It is like saying ‘Ya’. Didn’t you take Thrissur? Like that, the opposition was proud of the Cup Brazil.
His reply.

Comment and repeat fans of both teams like and cheer. Erased. Kottayam Minister VN Vasavan and Trivandrum Radhakrishna N MLA is also the name of a tea for the Brazil-Argentina teams. The bet that was held in went viral. Thiruvanchoo said if Argentina wins, will he buy tea? Rin’s question. The minister who said that he will buy tea and surety, what will he do if Brazil wins? asked again. With this, Trivandrum said that if Brazil wins, it will also buy tea. They said they will see each other after the final. Brazil fan V. Social media between Shivankutty and Argentinian fan MM Mani Ya Wakpor also got a lot of attention.


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