Rohtak. Despite being rejected again in the general meeting of the corporation, even today the situation regarding the property ID survey is not under control. On the one hand, due to 90% flaws in Yashi Company’s survey, consumers are forced to stumble every now and then. On the other hand, citing the strict orders of the state government, the municipal corporation has started the work of linking the property IDs that were saved on the GIS platform on Friday.

Officials claim that within 4 days, 30 thousand such property IDs will be linked to the GIS platform under any circumstances. To complete this task, the officers and employees of the Tax Branch and Engineering Branch will come to the office and work even during the holidays, so that 100 percent target can be achieved by November 22.

Here, Mayor Manmohan Goyal, Senior Deputy Mayor Rajkamal Sehgal and Deputy Mayor Anil Kumar said that the house has again rejected the property tax survey in the corporation’s general meeting a few days back. Now it will not be accepted at all. Municipal Commissioner Dhirendra Khadgata himself will also send a letter to the government rejecting the survey, withdrawing the clean chit given to agency Yashi.

On Friday, on the orders of Municipal Commissioner, the officers and employees of the tax branch under the leadership of both the ZTOs started the work of linking the state government’s GIS platform old property ID with the new property ID in the tehsil branch premises of the corporation. On the first day, 7500 such property IDs have been identified and linked to the portal. Officers and employees of engineering branch including ATP Tilakraj have also been engaged in this work.

Tax branch and engineering branch officials will work on Saturday and Sunday despite the holiday to link the property ID to the GIS platform. The Corporation Commissioner said that on December 2, a meeting will be held in Rohtak regarding the property tax survey under the chairmanship of Urban Local Bodies Minister Dr. Kamal Gupta. In this the bodies of all the districts will be involved.

Municipal Commissioner Dhirendra Khargata said that this is not the work of the agency. The government’s direction has come. The property ID has to be linked with the old ID on the GIS platform created by him. Identifying the property IDs that are not being linked, work is being done to link them to GIS. Apart from the tax branch, the team of engineering branch has also been engaged in this work. Property IDs are to be linked in a time bound manner. This task has to be completed by Tuesday under any circumstances. By the way, we will send a letter to the government regarding the rejection of the property tax survey by the house.

Municipal Corporation Mayor Manmohan Goyal said that the House has again passed a resolution to blacklist the company conducting property tax survey. The old municipal commissioner had given the OK certificate to the agency. But now the letter to reject it will go to the government. The aim of the city government is not to let the consumers suffer at any cost. Whereas, Senior Deputy Mayor Rajkamal Sehgal said that the councilors have done a great job by rejecting the property tax survey again. Strict steps have been taken only for the welfare of the public. Whatever the officers do, we will not accept this property tax survey.

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