Pathanamthitta: Only two people have their own pin code in India. One is the President of India, who has his own postal zip code. Who is not!
Truly Sri Sabarimala Ayyappan. Pincode of Ayyappa Swamy is 689713. This is the Pincode of Sannidhanam Post Office.

Ayyappaswamy’s pin code and post office are active only for three months in a year. After the festive season, the pin code will be deactivated. The office functions only during Mandala Makara Lak time. The post office at Sannidhanam also has special features. The postage stamp of this place includes Patithampadi and Ayyappa Vigraha. No other postal department in the country uses such separate stamps. Many pilgrims visit the Sannidhanam post office daily to send these stamped letters to their homes and loved ones. After the festive season, this stamp will be transferred to the locker of the Postal Superintendent’s office in Pathanamthitta. Then this mudra will see the light in the next festival season.

There are many curiosities in the writings and money orders handled by this post office. Ayyappaswamy, who is a perpetual celibate, receives many letters here every day. Love letters with purposeful profit and sharing of worries. Devotees from different corners of the world send letters in the name of Ayyappan, such as money orders, first invitations for special occasions at home, and more than one can read in a year. After presenting these letters to Ayyappan, they are usually handed over to the Executive Officer. Same goes for money orders.

Many such letters come from other states. Sannidhanam post office came into existence in 1963, but in 1974, the metal seal including the 18th step and Ayyappa idol came into effect, said Sannidhanam postmaster Arun P.S.
Services like mobile charging, money order system, India Post payment system and parcel service of various companies are also available at Sannidhanam Post Office. Apart from the postmaster, Sannidhanam post office has one postman and two multi-tasking staff.

Avoid plastic altogether – Sabarimala Tantri

Travancore Devaswom Board and State Government have provided all the facilities for smooth darshan. Sabarimala temple Tantri Kantarar Rajivara demanded that the pilgrims strictly follow the instructions.
He requested that the pilgrims should not bring plastic for any reason and that the pilgrims should take care to preserve the sanctity of the Kanana temple. Do not defecate in public places. Do not throw garbage. Unbecoming practices such as throwing cloth in the pamba and spreading turmeric powder outside the house should be avoided.
Bring only necessary items in Irumudikattu. He also shared suggestions like excluding palm juice, sandalwood etc. from Irumudikattu and including only temple consecration items in Irumudikattu.


A phone connection was obtained at the media center operating at the Sabarimala Sannidhanam in conjunction with the Mandalakala Mahotsavam. The Media Center can be contacted on 04735 202664.

These can be followed to preserve the bloom

The sanctity of Sabarimala is something that is often forgotten by the devotees who come to meet the Kananavasan deity, but must always be remembered. That is why devotees should always remember them.
1. Don’t bring anything harmful especially plastic. Do not leave the garbage generated during the pilgrimage and take it back for disposal.
2. Do not use soap or oil while bathing in Pampanadi. Do not leave clothes in the river.
3. Put coconut before stepping on the eighteenth step and don’t do it anywhere else.
4. Do not defecate in the open under any circumstances.
5. Keep toilets clean. Sow the seeds of goodness, not filth, in Ayyappan’s flower garden. Realize that pilgrimage performed with purity and responsibility is meaningful.
6. All Ayyappans have equal right to see Swami. Follow the uncrowded queue without breaking the line.

Around two lakh devotees have already come to see Ayyan

In the first four days of this year’s Mandalkala festival, more than two lakh devotees came to Sabarimala for Ayyappa darshan. This indicates that the number of devotees will increase in the coming days. It is estimated that around one lakh people will come on Sunday and Monday, which are holidays.
26,378 people came for darshan after booking on the 16th of the day. If we consider the number of people who came through spot booking, it will exceed 30,000. More than 50,000 devotees stepped on the 18th step for Kaliyugavarada darshan on 17th and 18th after booking through virtual queue. On the 19th, there were about 72,000 bookings. About 50,000 of them had reached Sannidhanam before noon.

As the darshan time was changed from 5 am to 3 am, Ayyappa darshan got more time. This has also reduced the waiting time of the devotees.

Along with the cleaning under the Punyam Poonkavanam project, the ‘Holy Sabarimala’ project introduced by the Devaswom Department is also going on. Once in three days, the fire department cleans the premises with a hose.
Devaswom provides free food to up to 30,000 people a day through food pantries. 179 taps are available for drinking water supply from RO plants. Apart from this, they are also providing medicated water in steel bottles by collecting a deposit of Rs 200 from the Pampa itself. Medicinal water is prepared by adding Chuk, Pathimukham, Ramacham etc. A system has been set up at 15 centers to fill these bottles with water while traveling through Kanana routes. The deposit amount is also handed over to the devotees when they return to the pampa and return the boat.

Sannidhanam has provided 550 rooms for the devotees to sleep. 104 of these can be booked online. In addition, the facility has been provided for laying eggs for 17,000 people at a time. Panditthavalam Magunda, large pavement below and above, roof-top area in Malikpuram, three interlocked paved yards in front of maintenance office and three interlocked cobbled open yards in accommodation office.
1005 toilets have been prepared in Sannidhanam alone. 885 of them can be used for free. 105 are on pay and use model.


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