Buddhadev Sengupta, Ahmedabad: Sugriva Dosar is not saved by Rama alone.

It is impossible to handle PM Modi alone. The Election Commission has joined. The opposition alleges that the commission has decided to return the ruling Ocher camp to power in Gujarat with all power. When Congress and AAP are in opposition to Modi, the Election Commission is also fighting for Padma Paksha. The opposition claims that the entire city of Ahmedabad has covered the sky with pictures of Modi and Amit Shah. And when the opposition wants to put up a poster, it is the commission that stands in the way. On the pretext of election rules, the opposition forces have to fight each other. To the dismay of the opposition, Modi is not a Mamata Banerjee. If there was ‘play’ across the state.

[আরও পড়ুন: দিল্লির জামা মসজিদে মহিলাদের একলা প্রবেশে নিষেধাজ্ঞা, বিতর্ক বাড়তেই সিদ্ধান্ত প্রত্যাহার]

Twenty-seven years in power. Starting with Keshubhai Patel. Then there was no stopping. Narendra Damodardas Modi sat in Keshubhai’s chair. Prime Minister after being the Chief Minister of the state for 12 consecutive years. Gerua Shibir had to change the chief minister three times in eight years in the chair he left in 14. Praveen Bhupendrabhai Patel is now in charge. Modi’s shadow is chasing them every moment. Being in power for so long has naturally created an anti-ruling atmosphere for Modi. But there is no way to understand it if you go to the BJP office in Ahmedabad’s Khanpur. As the image of the party office of the ruling camp should be before the polls, it was not otherwise. Busy peak. The leaders are not in a position to speak.

Even in this situation, there was an opportunity to talk twice with Kushalsingh Bhai Paderia, who was in charge of the state committee. As soon as he heard that he came from Bengal, he got curious about the Bengal BJP. Naturally, the Chief Minister of Bengal also came on the occasion. He asked to know by which magic wand he showed victory in three consecutive elections. Why are minorities still blindly trusting? What opinion do women have about him? Again he himself told that as Trinamool has compassion in Bengal, in Gujarat we have Modibhai, Amit Shahji. Modi alone will solve all the problems. People of Gujarat have so much faith. Today even the minorities trust him. You can see the result of the vote. Kushal Singh practically threw a challenge. Confidence was not shaken at all.

[আরও পড়ুন: হিমাচলে সলমন রুশদির বাড়িতে হামলা, দারোয়ানকে খুনের হুমকি]

Because of the ruling party of the center and the state, the help of the commission is also met? After hearing the question, he smiled and said, “Modi is the Prime Minister. Gujaratis proudly say. Opposition leaders in the state also secretly praise Modi.” So no commission is needed to form a government in Gujarat. His demand

However, the main opposition Congress leaders voiced the opposite tone. Hemant Singh Patel, a member of the Election Management Committee and a candidate for Bapunagar constituency, alleged that the commission was obstructing the campaign at every step. Whenever the opposition goes to put up any hoarding or poster, it is taken down. The commission is running from Delhi at the behest of central leaders of Padmapaksha. He demanded standing in front of Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan on Sanskar Marg in the city that people will be against the ruler this time. But Modi accepted that factor. Otherwise, people have quickly forgotten the death of Morbi in the state. He regrets that he has to go out in the campaign and remind them again.

He admitted that there is a lack of fighting leaders in the Congress in this state. As in Bengal. A person like Mamata Banerjee would have skyrocketed the anti-administration vibe. Modi-Amit Shah were not a factor.

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