Sonipat. The Municipal Corporation has finally taken care of the busiest road of Sonipat city which was completely broken. The Geeta Bhawan Chowk road, which has repeatedly broken down and troubled the people of the city, is now being rebuilt. But this time the road from the overbridge to the Chowk is being made of cement, so that it can last for a long time. But the overbridge has been closed for 15 days due to the construction of this road, due to which people are sure to be troubled. People had to face trouble regarding the route divert.

The road will be constructed from Geeta Bhawan Chowk to Gohana Road Railway Overbridge (ROB). Regarding this, the work of uprooting the road has been started. Rs 24.50 lakh will be spent on the construction of the road. The Gohana Road ROB, which connects the city divided into two parts by the railway line, will now be closed for 20 days, causing problems for the drivers. At the same time, the shopkeepers are also worried about the diverted route of the administration. Shopkeepers say that the road has been closed due to the construction of the road, due to which the situation of jam will be created in the city, along with this the drivers will also be troubled. The shopkeepers have raised the demand for making some changes in the diverted route. Regarding this demand, the shopkeepers will go to the municipal office and meet the commissioner.

However, to deal with the jam on closure of ROB, the corporation and police officers have prepared a route plan after meeting with the Mayor. Simultaneously, churning was done to maintain order. At present, it has been decided to divert the traffic of Geeta Bhawan Chowk towards Dayal Chowk and Mama Bhanja Chowk. Due to the railway line, Rohtak Road ROB, Gohana Road ROB, Sarang Road underpass and Shani Mandir underbridge have been constructed to connect the city divided into two parts. Pits have been formed due to road breakdown near Gohana Road ROB. Now the road construction work has started from Geeta Bhawan Chowk to Gohana Road ROB on behalf of the corporation.

Gohana Road ROB has been closed for the next 20 days from Saturday night. Now the people of the city may have to face jam to cross the railway line. Traffic from Geeta Bhawan Chowk to Rohtak Road and Kakroi Road is expected to be affected. Mayor Nikhil Madan reached Geeta Bhawan Chowk and started the work of uprooting the dilapidated road. He discussed with local traders about the problems faced during road construction and shared suggestions with the officials. The Mayor said that the construction work was banned by the National Green Authority (NGT) due to pollution. Also, the work could not be done due to high movement of vehicles during the festive season. Construction is being started after the NGT ban is lifted. The road will be constructed in the next 20 to 25 days. During this, municipal engineer Satish Kumar, business leader Pawan Taneja, Govind Taneja, Yogesh, Praveen Batra, Vikas, Puneet Jagga, Rakesh, Premjit, Jugnu, Kuldeep Vats, Shubham Vashisht etc were present.

Sonepat City Traffic Incharge Inspector Praveen Kumar told that due to the construction, the people of the city should use alternative routes like Sarang Road Railway Underpass, Shani Mandir Underbridge and Rohtak Road ROB. Apart from this, there are many options for Gohana Road ROB. Motorists traveling towards Murthal on NH-44 from Gohana side can use the Gohana Road Bypass instead of coming into the city. On the other hand, people living in the colonies of Gohana Road, Mahalana Road area in the city can explore the option of Shani Mandir underbridge to go towards Civil Hospital and Bus Stand. If the jam increases here, then you can reach Gohana Road Chowk near Indian Colony South Point via ROB via Jatwara, Murthal Road via Sabzi Mandi or from Jatwada via Purkhas Adda to Geeta Bhawan Chowk.

Residents of Kathmandu, West Ramnagar, Suri Pump Wali Gali, Kakroi Road, Sector-23 can come towards the bus stand from Rohtak Road ROB. If the jam increases on Geeta Bhawan Chowk Gurdwara Road, then to go towards the court from the city, one can go towards Gohana Road via Murthal Adda, Sabzi Mandi, Jatwara. Let us tell you that due to the dilapidated road from Gohana Road Railway Overbridge to Geeta Bhavan Chowk, people have to face a lot of trouble. The problem increases manifold during the rainy season. On the other hand, due to the overflow of the sewer line, there is a situation of waterlogging on the road at any time, due to which the drivers are forced to travel on dangerous mode all the time. The corporation has decided to make the road of 120 meter length to be made of RCC at a cost of about Rs 24.5 lakh. Where the width of the road is 11 meters, then the thickness will be around 10 inches.

Local shopkeepers and people say that sewer overflow is the main reason for the breakdown of the road between Gohana Road Railway Overbridge to Geetabhavan Chowk. Sewer line was laid many decades ago, but due to increase in population after that, the capacity of sewer line is very less. Other sewer lines are being added to this line. In such a situation, if the sewerage line is not replaced, it will become a big problem for the residents in the future. That is why the sewer line should be replaced at the time of road construction itself.

The shopkeepers have appealed that the railway overbridge should be opened half instead of completely closed. Shopkeepers say that the overbridge from Kakroi Chowk to Mission Chowk should be opened. Because the road construction work will be on the side of Geeta Bhawan Chowk, in such a way, close the overbridge going towards Geeta Bhawan Chowk. In such a situation, it will be easier for the drivers going towards Mission Chowk and Kakroi Chowk and the pressure on the surrounding roads will also reduce.

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