Chief Minister Vijayan draped a red flag over the body of departed CPIM Politburo member and former state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan (68). No, no, no die, dear comrade, no die, chanted in the van. Kodiyeri was red flagged by the Chief Minister and senior leaders. Thus, political Kerala is saying goodbye to Kodiyeri. The red flag was unfurled in a public viewing ceremony held at the Town Hall in Thalassery. The party ranks and leaders who saw it could not contain their grief. Seeing the physical body of Kodiyeri, who always greeted everyone with a smiling face, the eyes of the leaders, including the leaders, were filled with tears.

The town hall witnessed an emotional moment when the body was brought to the Thalassery town hall. Kodiyeri’s wife Vinodini reached the town hall after the dead body was brought to the town hall. But as soon as he saw Kodiyeri, his wife could not contain her grief and burst into tears. When Vinodini shouted loudly, “My sweet girl, look at me,” the eyes of all my colleagues and colleagues were filled with tears. Even the voice of the slogans shouted. Son Bineesh Kodiyeri held his mother close, but Vinodini could not bear the pain and collapsed. Vinodini was then taken away from there by her son and party workers.

The dead body was brought to Kannur airport from Chennai airport by air ambulance and was taken to Thalassery town hall as a mourning procession. Thousands lined up on the roadsides of Kannur waiting for Priyasaka. They greeted Kodiyeri’s physical body with raised fists and raised slogans. Mattannur, Koothuparamp and Kathirur Kodiyeri had an emotional send-off. Last rites were paid at Nellunni, Uruvachal and Neerveli.

At 12.54 pm, the air ambulance carrying Kodiyeri’s body reached Kannur from Chennai. Kodiyeri’s wife Vinodini, son Bineesh and his wife Rinita accompanied the body from Chennai. CPIM Kannur district secretary MV Jayarajan received the dead body at the airport. During the mourning journey to Thalassery, facilities have been arranged at 14 centers for people to pay their last respects. Then the dead body was brought to Thalassery Town Hall around 3.15. It will be kept for public viewing at Thalassery Town Hall till 10 pm. After the public darshan at the Thalassery town hall, the body will be brought to his home in Kodiyeri at 10 am on Monday.

It will be put up for public viewing at the CPIM district committee office, Azhikodan Mandir, from 11 am on Monday. He will be cremated at Payyambalam in Kannur at 3 pm. As a mark of respect, a hartal will be observed in Thalassery, Dharmadam, Kannur mandals and Mahi on Monday.

Today and tomorrow, party workers will flock from various parts of the state to catch a last glimpse of their beloved leader. CPIM has called for hartal tomorrow in Thalassery, Dharmadam and Kannur constituencies as a mark of respect to Kodiyeri.

Kodiyeri passed away at 8 pm on Saturday while undergoing treatment at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai due to cancer. He was admitted to the hospital on August 29 after resigning from the post of state secretary due to an exacerbation of pancreatic cancer. His wife and children were with him at the time of his death.

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