Protests intensify against FIFA and Qatar; European countries with a new move

Earlier in the World Cup in Qatar, European teams were prepared to protest by wearing One Love armbands. The captains of Europe’s leading teams have decided to wear armbands against the hosts, Qatar.

European football federations were preparing to protest against human rights violations in Qatar.

But with FIFA taking a strong stand against it, the European teams decided to withdraw from the arm band campaign. The European team captains were ready to withdraw from the arm band campaign in a discussion held by FIFA officials on Sunday.

But it is reported that the European countries who have expressed their disagreement with FIFA’s position have come up with a new move. The Danish Football Association gave a hint about this matter.

Jacob Jensen, CEO of the Danish Football Association, stated that the time has come to consider withdrawing from FIFA. He said he would hold talks with European member states about leaving FIFA and would not back down from the decision.

At the same time, the Danish Football Association has stated that it will not support Gianni Infantino in the next year’s FIFA presidential election. The Danish Football Association has said that 207 of the 211 member countries may agree with Infantino’s position and that they are not with those countries.

According to reports released by some Western media, discussions will be held in UEFA, a European football association that includes 55 countries, and a decision will be made about FIFA. Reports suggest that this move also has the support of England.

The West is against FIFA and Qatar on many issues, including homosexuality.

Content Highlights: Denmark has revealed that they are ready to discuss a blanket withdrawal from FIFA


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