Qatar will become the capital of global football with the kick-off of the World Cup tomorrow. Agosha Pari is a regular part of the opening ceremony of any sports venue. The songs have been prepared here as well. However, its details have been left as a surprise. This is the specialty of Qatar.

According to available reports, the artistic and cultural heritage of Qatar There will be exciting music and dance performances. Al Bait Stadium Stadium, 1600 for the one-and-a-half-hour event. The main attraction will be an art show by school children. One of the numbers. Jung Kook Ah, the singer of the Korean band BTS, has taken the world by storm. There will be a presentation.

2010 World Cup theme song “Waka… Waka…” Colombian pop singer Shakira will be the show stopper at the opening ceremony. A rumor is spreading strongly. In any case, the opening ceremonies, which last for an hour and a half, are very grand. Make sure.

Brazil will arrive today

One of the most likely teams to win the World Cup Brazil team will land at Hamad International Airport today. A huge fan base of Malayalams will welcome the team. is coming However, it is far from being part of the security measures. Allow to see stars only. However, hundreds of fans fly in to see the team arrive. Representatives of Brazil fans in Qatar will be in the Tavala area. told Metro News.

Belgium, Spain, Japan, Croatia, Ghana and Costa Rica teams arrived in Doha yesterday. got up Cameroon, Portugal, Serbia and Uruguay teams will also come today. The Argentinian team, which arrived the other day, inspected the training ground yesterday. determined

Al Bida is ready for the fan festival

Just hours to kick-off, Al Bida Par is hosting a fan fest. All the preparations have been completed. This place was opened for worshipers last day. FIFA Fan Zone goes live today, the day before kick-off The past few days have been devoted to assessing personal and safety priorities. Vasam also conducted mock drill.

The worshipers who reached the Al Bida Park spread over 188 hectares are ready. Tup made me excited. Mexico, Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil, England and France started the World Cup. Fans of the visiting teams can be found here by location. Stepped along with the music program that took place.

The gates were closed with 20,000 people entering. But soon the Cornish street is waiting to get in. Thousands gathered outside Vilum Al Bida Park. The rest of the crowd-controlled, fan fest’s Agho by admitting more people. Shat has been flagged. Sangeeta Pari is a tribute to the king of pop music, Michael Jackson. He started singing. Rodrigo Teaser ‘Jackson Tri’ made world famous by Michael Jackson shows Bute’ was given leadership.

You can watch more than one game in a day

A world first to watch multiple matches in one day Panit. In previous championships, the distance between stadiums was 500 km. If it was near Mukal, Qatar is within 75 km. and playgrounds. That is, the World Cup football is a carnival in a city. The thar has changed.

Apart from the games, stadium premises and city centers A number of stress conditions are associated with N zones. So, a fan who goes out to watch a game on a day with four matches. RK can participate in various activities.


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