Rahu Retrograde: According to astrology, Rahu will remain in this sign till October 2023.

Rahu and Ketu always retrograde and take 18 months to move from one sign to another. Both these planets are called Adhara planets. In 2022, on April 12, Rahu entered Aries. That Rahu is going to change to another sign this time. According to astrology, it is known that Rahu will remain in this sign till October 2023 again. Thus till October 2023 Rahu will be particularly effective for these 4 Rasis. Find out which 4 zodiac signs Rahu will receive sudden earnings in the coming year…


Although retrograde in Aries, Rahu is entering the 11th house of this sign. It is believed that due to the auspicious effects of the transit, your financial condition is going to be very strong in the coming year. However, it can be costly. But your financial situation will be balanced due to earnings. Your business will also grow in the coming year. Your family life will also be excellent during this time. On the other hand, those who are working and are due for promotion may end their waiting list this year. Try to concentrate on work. There is a possibility of traveling nearby and you will get a lot of profit in this journey.


Rahu enters the 10th house of your sign. There may be some problems in your family life during this time. There may be tension in the home for some time due to deterioration of health of someone in the family. Costs will also increase. It will be compensated by receiving money suddenly. At this time in your career, you will be under a lot of work pressure and any kind of distraction in your mind can make you suffer. Talking about the financial situation, you will not face any shortage of money due to earning opportunities in between. During this time, you will continue to get a lot of support from friends and relatives.


Rahu is about to enter the sixth house of this sign even though the transit is retrograde in Aries. This transit of Rahu will increase your influence in any field and defeat your opponents. During this time, your morale may increase. Confidence will also increase. Your finances will also be stronger than before. An opportunity may come suddenly in career that you have been thinking about for a long time. Relationships with friends and relatives will be sweeter than before. During this time, you can go on sightseeing trips.


Rahu is about to enter the third house of your sign. Rahu may prove very auspicious for you and any risk taking in business will increase the chances of profit. You can get some great opportunities in career. Those who were trying to go abroad at that time can get this opportunity. If your business is related to foreign countries, you will get good profit from it. Family will have full support from younger brothers and friends will also be useful. Do not quarrel or argue with anyone believing what you have heard.

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