Karnal. A surprising case of how loneliness and loneliness destroy someone has come to the fore from the CM City of Haryana. In Ramnagar, some distance away from the CM’s house in Karnal, there was a stir this morning when a dead body was found in the house of a retired employee living alone in a big house. The dead body was in such a dreadful condition that whoever saw it, his heart came to his mouth. The dead body of the old man was gnawed by rats. Even the bones were visible. Even at that time the rats were pulling the flesh from the corpse. His dead body was visible like a skeleton.

People of the institution open the fridge

According to the information, no one had seen old man Manohar Lal for the last two days. He used to drink heavily and was mentally ill. Because of which he used to quarrel a lot with people. But he was always seen in the street pouring milk and bread to dogs and cats. No one used to visit his house also because he did not keep any cleanliness. Even this morning, when the elders did not come out of the house, the people around had some doubt. When he went inside the house, he saw that rats were roaming over the dead body of the old man. His head and mouth had been heavily eaten away by rats and the bones were visible. When the people of the organization opened the fridge, they found moldy vegetables and bread lying inside. The TV was also on. The youth informed the police about the incident. After information, Ramnagar police station reached the spot and took the dead body in possession and sent it to the Mortuary House of Kalpana Chawla Medical College for postmortem.

Dirt and garbage created in Kothi, car parked outside the house

According to the information, Manohar Lal, a resident of Ramnagar, was living alone in his house for the last 10 years. For 10 years Manohar Lal was having a fight with his wife over some issue. Due to which Manohar Lal’s wife and her children were living in Gurugram. People present on the spot told that Manohar Lal was posted as a driver in the Sales Tax Department. He was addicted to drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Due to which he used to fight with his wife and children. Troubled by this, his wife and children had left him. Neighbors said that he used to abuse people when they used to go to give them food. When the winter season started, a neighbor gave a quilt to cover, but after two days the old man took it out and burnt it.

On the other hand, the house in which Manohar Lal used to live is worth crores of rupees and there is also a bank balance of about 65 to 70 lakh rupees. Not only this, the old man also has an expensive car of his own which is parked outside the house. Now the house was not even cleaned for the last 10 years. There are piles of empty liquor bottles and filth in the house. And all the stray dogs of the street had camped in this house. People say that the mental condition of the elderly was not right. The servants of Apna Ashiana Sanstha reached and took out the dead body with the help of the youth.

The investigation team reached the spot.

The servant of the organization said that looking at the condition in which the dead body was found, it can be said that the children of the deceased can be held responsible for this death, but the people of the neighborhood are no less responsible. If they wanted, they could have informed the police or the voluntary organization about keeping this old man like this. He could have been treated. But everyone shirked their responsibility. Now no one will sympathize with this old man’s family, they will only come for his birth certificate so that this Kothi and his bank balance can be in his name. The wife will also come to consider him as her husband for this reason so that she can get his pension.

Police taking possession of the dead body

Neighbors say that his relatives used to come many times to pick up the old man and took him away, but he used to come back after abusing him. The people of Janseva Dal say that if their children do not want to take the dead body of their father, then our organization will perform the rites and being a Hindu, they will also take his ashes to Haridwar. An elderly neighbor said that he used to get angry at the name of the children and whenever they came to pick them up, he used to run to beat them. This was the reason why wife and children did not come near him. He was very friendly with dogs. He used to serve them a lot and the dogs also used to roam around in front of him.

IO Kaptan Singh of Ramnagar police station, who reached the spot, told that the police have taken the dead body in possession and sent it to the postmortem house. The relatives were informed. By evening the relatives will reach Karnal. Postmortem of the dead body will be done after the arrival of the relatives.

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