Rohtak. It is important news for the patients coming to Rohtak PGI that doctors here have gone on strike, due to which no one will see them in PGI. The resident doctors who have the burden of handling the patients on their shoulders are not providing services in the OPD. Work is also not being done in ward and elective OT. Along with them all the interns have also joined the strike. MBBS students are not even conducting classes. Along with this, the resident doctors have sat on an indefinite hunger strike.

MBBS students protesting outside the Dean’s office at PGI

The resident doctors have decided to go on an indefinite strike from 12 noon onwards to support the MBBS students. Patients kept wandering for treatment throughout the day. He pleaded in front of the doctors only once to give treatment to his patient, but the doctors did not lose heart and remained firm with the poster of their compulsion in their hands. Many patients were suffering from pain but the sensibilities of the doctors were not towards the patients but about their future. Doctors have stopped OPD services from today. Now the RDA has warned that if a positive attitude is not adopted by the government in 24 hours, emergency services will also be stopped from Friday morning.

Troubled elderly patients roaming in OPD

On the other hand, due to the strike of the resident doctor, the patients coming from far off places are facing a lot of problems. Let us tell you that there are about 150 elective operations everyday in PGI. Most elective operations are performed in Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, ENT and Surgery. From today the strike will have a big impact on Modular OT. Apart from this, about 60 operations are performed everyday in the Department of Orthopaedics, Surgery and Gynecology. The students have also refused to provide services in the ward. There are 2 thousand beds in PGI. Out of these, 80 percent are filled everyday, that means around 1500-1600 patients are admitted. Who will take care of these patients now? Residents and interns are relied upon, but they will not work. In such a situation, it is certain that the situation will worsen.

Let us tell you that PGI has about 33 departments and 300 faculty members. Everyday 7-8 thousand patients come to the OPD. On an average 2-3 thousand people come in emergency. Many patients come separately to the trauma center. Here the responsibility of treating these patients lies on the shoulders of the interns and residents. But if everyone will be on strike, then who will look after these patients.

PGI has 500 resident doctors. With their help, treatment of such a large number of patients is possible. MBBS interns also play an important role. 1200 interns and students of all five MBBS batches will join the strike. If the emergency services stop and the ICU is also disrupted, there will be a huge financial burden on the patients. The cost of ICU per day in a private hospital is not less than 30-40 thousand. Apart from this, the cost of each test is in thousands in private labs.

The family kept pleading to see the patient lying on the stretcher

On the other hand, after the announcement of the strike, the PGI administration has canceled the leaves of all the faculty doctors. Instructions have been given to provide services to all. Overall, the problems of the patients are going to increase from today. After the announcement of strike in OPD, Ward and Elective OT, Vice Chancellor of Health University, Dr. Anita Saxena took a meeting of all department heads and unit heads. In the meeting, everyone was instructed to remain on duty. It was told that no doctor will go on leave till further orders. A circular has also been issued regarding this.

PGIMS Director Dr. SS Lohchab has said that RDA has announced a strike, so we are also ready and patients will not be allowed to face any trouble. The leave of the faculty members has been cancelled. No service has been stopped from our end. Every effort will be made to ensure that patients get timely treatment.

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