Brazil-2 Serbia-0


Hexa, hexa, hexa. There is only one word in the whole world now. Brazil wants the World Cup six times. Football emperor Pele was the first to raise the issue. And from there this slogan started in the football world. And for that hexa goal, Brazil defeated Serbia by two goals in the first match of the World Cup. From start to finish, Brazil played so strongly that these two goals should not fill the hearts of their stadium pair of fans. But one of those two goals is worthy of a place in the best show case of the World Cup of all time. This is the best of the World Cup so far. Richarlison caught Vinicius Junior’s cross in the 73rd minute. He saw the four sides. This time he took the ball from the left foot to the right foot and hooked the ball into the net with a side volley. The Serbian goalkeeper was just a spectator. Richarlison heads the shot from ten yards. There was so much power in the shot that it felt like it would tear the net. One can walk a thousand miles to see such a goal. Richarlison also scored the first goal. He moved from Everton to Tottenham Hotspur this year in the English Premier League. Harry Kane, Song Min Ho played in this club. Yet Tottenham coach Antonio Conte has taken him for his goal-scoring ability. The 25-year-old boy, who was coached by Kanter, made his debut in the World Cup.

Jahuri coach Tite. He was not mistaken in recognizing the jewel. The team includes a formidable striker like Neymar, whose third World Cup is not his first. However, he is playing Neymar at the back to exploit Richarlison’s talent. The three attacking midfielders in the midfield are Rafinha, Neymar and Vinicius Junior. Behind them are two defensive midfielders Lucas Paqueta and Casemiro. But in Brazil, everyone wants to score goals. So the front six were desperate for goals from the start. The red jersey of the Serbian faded in the shadow of the yellow jersey of Brazil. Serbia is one of the strongest teams in Europe. Their tough looks. The taller guys were using their bodies to try and hold the Brazilians back. But when has Shakti been able to beat Tukhor skill? So Kashmiris took control of the match from the beginning. Brazil did not score in the first half. If Casemiro, Rafina, Neymar, Vinicius Jr. and of course Richarlison didn’t waste one chance after another, Brazil should have scored before the break.

That is at 65 minutes. Vinicius Jr. took a powerful shot from the left towards the goal. Savi somehow blocked his hand while trying to stop it. As soon as the ball left his hands, it ran like a broken bow and Richarlison put it into the net. Another goal eight minutes later. And the match is practically over. Serbia forwards could not test the four defenders of Brazil. Danilo, Marcoquinhos, Thiago Silva and Sandro were not tested. And Alison Baker is just a spectator in goal. Thiego Silva kept him unemployed all the time. There is balance in this Brazil team. Tite has stuck with the team after losing in the quarter-finals at the last World Cup. His attitude is very clear. The team has nine forwards. Attack, attack and attack. Four people got off at the beginning. Later Gabriel Jesus was also brought down. Among the rest, Anthony, Rodrigo, Martnelli also got a chance. Titar has a chest strap. Checked eight forwards on the first day. The next two matches in Group G are against Switzerland and Cameroon. Brazil can now think about the next round.

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