Portugal-3 Ghana-2
(Ronaldo-Penalty, Jude Felix, Rio Liao) (Andre Ayew, O Bucari)

Master’s death on the first night. Defying all controversies, Cristiano Ronaldo proved that he was, he is and he will be. CR scored seven goals in the first match of Qatar World Cup. Led the team almost to the end and sat in the dugout watching a great victory with a smile on his face. And in all this, Ronaldo also made a remarkable record. This is his fifth World Cup. He has been playing since 2006. And number five scored in the first match of the World Cup, setting the record for scoring goals in all the World Cups. In this regard, he surpassed football emperor Pele (4), Miroslav Klose (4), Lionel Messi (4) and Uwe Siller (4). In addition, Ronaldo scored eight goals in the World Cup. Ahead of him now is only the legendary Eusebio. He did not score in the World Cup. It seems that Ronaldo will surpass Eusebio in this World Cup.

The question may arise that Portugal lost to Ghana. The match was filled with extreme drama in the last twenty minutes. As if there was an explosion in Stadium 974. The explosion caught fire among the supporters. Once here and once there. So leaving all this, what is the need to write so much about Ronaldo. That is because of the immense pressure he has had to spend the last four days. He had an honorable parting with Manchester United. That club has made it very big. As if telling it after the World Cup would have made the Bible impure. Along with that, Ronaldo has been suspended for two matches in the English Premier League (if he plays there at all) four months ago for taking a mobile phone from a disabled fan and smashing it. Everything was done before the World Cup. But he is Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored 118 goals in the jersey of the five-time Ballon d’Or winning country. Can he be twisted with all this? It was understood when the national anthem was sung by his teammates. Ronaldo’s eyes were sparkling in the corner of the water? Maybe it was, maybe not. But looking at the promising face, it was clear that he has no mind for off the field. He sees Portugal’s victory as a bird’s eye view.

There is not much to say about the first 45 minutes of the match. Ghana fielded five defenders and four midfielders. All the efforts of Bruno Fernandez, Jude Felix or Bernard Silva were lost in the forest of those feet. So what is another incident? Messi lost, Manuel Neuer lost. Now it’s Ronaldo’s turn. No, the game turned after the break. In the 65th minute, Ronaldo himself scored from the penalty. He was caught from behind by a Ghanaian defender. He took the penalty and the goal himself. After that the game went 360 degrees. Ghana came out of the defensive shell. The match was open. In the 73rd minute, Portugal’s left back Joao Cancelo came out with the ball. And kept the ball inside six yards in such a way that it was difficult for the captain Ayew not to score. But within seven minutes, the match was back in Portugal’s pocket. In the 78th minute, Jude Felix and two minutes later, Rio Liao scored two consecutive goals. Ronaldo just smiles. But Joao Cancelo made a mistake again. Ghana scored again. Now bookie. But no further aggravation took place. Like England, France, Spain, Portugal also passed with honours. A little worry remained about pure defense. Because the remaining two teams in Group H, Uruguay and Korea, are better than Ghana. But stay with these words today. Today it’s just Ronaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldo.

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