Russian Airlines: Russian Airlines orders not to sell tickets to men aged 18 to 65.

The Russians are leaving the country because they will have to participate in the war. With this, Russian Airlines has ordered not to sell tickets to men aged 18 to 65.


Russian Airlines: It has been almost eight months since Russia started its war on Ukraine. Both sides are losing lives. But Russia continues the war. Along with the European countries, Ukraine is also responding strongly to Russia. Russia lost a lot of soldiers during the war. Putin is deploying the reserve army in the war against Ukraine. Moreover, if necessary, Putin is warning that he is ready for a nuclear war to strengthen his promise.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a key statement on Wednesday (9,2022) in order to tighten his grip on the ongoing attack on Ukraine. It has been revealed that a partial military mobilization is being conducted with 3 lakh people. This statement made by Putin is stirring in the hearts of Russians. They are worried that at any moment they will receive orders to join the war. A large number of people are trying to leave the country to escape from that danger. Queuing at airports. It seems that men under the age of 35 who have worked in the army for a few days and are currently in reserve will be taken for this military mobilization. It is reported that some reservists have already received notices. Authorities have ordered them to undergo health tests. Due to this, their family members are worried. Many of them are trying to leave the country fearing to join the army.

Russian Airlines orders not to sell tickets to men between the ages of 18 and 65
Due to this, Russian Airlines issued orders on Thursday not to sell tickets to men between 18 and 65 years of age. According to local media, the young men would have to get permission from the Russian Ministry of Defense to leave the country. Russians fear that if martial law comes into force, all government administration will be in the hands of the military system and there will be an emergency situation. Especially men are afraid. Their families are worried. Since Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine, flights between Russia and the European Union have been suspended.

On the other hand, flights from Russia are filling up. Tickets on flights to cities in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan near Russia were sold out in moments on Wednesday (9,2022). Almost all flights from the Russian capital Moscow to other countries have been booked till Saturday. In this order, the prices of tickets have also increased drastically. FlightRadar24, which tracks flights, shows the traffic of flights leaving Russia.

Flight ticket sales closed..
On the other hand, Russian Airlines has ordered not to sell flight tickets to men between the ages of 18 and 65 in Russia. It is reported that airlines are selling tickets to men who have permission from the Ministry of Defense of Russia to go abroad.

Russia is taking prisoners into the army.
Russia has taken the most sensational decision to increase its military strength. It seems clear that as part of military mobilization, prisoners are also being recruited for war duty.


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