The Wall Bureau: He (Sabyasachi Chowdhury) held on to the life of his lover. Shital Hawar (Long and Strong Fight) didn’t let the rush even for a moment. At every moment, he kept his cancer-ravaged body hidden. He constantly provided oxygen to the struggle of the mind with love, affection and affection. It’s like goalkeeping in a football match, keeping the goal. Don’t let a ball from the enemy enter the net. This was written by Sabyasachi Chaidhuri, the lover of actress Aindrila Sharma.

But the last defense did not happen. After two bouts of cancer, a brain stroke, a series of heart attacks could no longer be handled. The death ball entered the goal post. Aindrila’s life lamp went out.

A few years ago, Sabyasachi regularly wrote on Facebook about Aindrila’s cancer battle. One day at that time, he wrote, ‘Until I was in university I did a little bit of goalkeeping.… I was used to seeing eleven men on both sides, hard-fought battles. But it is not that anymore, this big unequal fight. The whole team just fights to save a tekathi, doctor, family, friends, society, everyone. In this gap, how many close people become unknown, and how many distant people pray selflessly, it is beyond counting.’

In that post, Sabyasachi wrote, ‘When most people hear about cancer, they react in two ways. The first is that there is no answer to cancer. The second is, hey it doesn’t matter, this happened to me, so-and-so used to do everything during chemo, now it’s fine. In reality, neither is true. For each person the disease is of different type and of different magnitude. Its level depends on various factors. When Aindrila was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015, after the initial danger was over, she was undergoing chemo and leading a normal life, from attending tuitions to riding a scooty, but this time it was the opposite. Sometimes I don’t even have the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.’

Netizens were moved to tears after reading Sabyasachi’s post. Because the post is not only about Aindrila’s suffering, but at the same time, it also talked about a love that was so strong that even Maran Asukukh was afraid of it. In every chapter of Sabyasachi’s writings, it is clear how much she fought with all her heart to heal her dearest friend.

Sabyasachi wrote, ‘From what I understand, this disease has no rules. Medicines are all there but not. There is a fixed period of treatment but not of cure. Every time the doctor asked to extend the treatment time, her face contorted in pain. Every time after chemo, I spend a few nights in excruciating pain.’

The last few lines written in that post seemed to be overflowing with desperation and strength at the same time. He wrote, ‘There are no rules in this fight, no time limit, no attack, no counter attack, only defense. … None of the friends from the playground are left in my life the same way. Sometimes I want to call them and say, look at the poor people, I am doing the best keeping of life now.’

Sabyasachi finally lost in keeping the best of his life. After Aindrila passed away today, he deactivated his Facebook profile. No one knows whether he will ever write about his love on Facebook, whether even a sentence he wrote about Aindrila will be seen on his wall. It is like a defeated soldier sitting with his back against the wall at the end of a fierce battle. Har Mana Harkhani is as if the cruel, merciless god of life has put it on his neck today.

Aindrila’s mother Shikha returned after defeating cancer twice, her daughter lost her fight to the disease.


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