Satishbabu Payyannoor’s life is like an unfinished short story. Accidentally dropped from Seen near the dead body lying in the flat in Thiruvananthapuram Before Tutha witnessed all the scribbled paper and open pen. Malayalam was gifted with a handful of crisp and tight compositions. Kacha is the farewell of the storyteller.

All the written stories are about human goodness and emotion. Shangal was also a hit with the fans. . Won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in 2012 "The collection of short stories ‘Peramaram’ is about the fertility of the past. A magical story that evokes the power of copy. The fans testify that it was. Satish Babu presented a vision of life with a progressive perspective. Industrialization for the Evolution of Fantasy to Modernity Twam carried.

EMS came out with its avatar. "Land ‘Kaumpai’ born in the background of agrarian struggle It was a novel picture of war-torn Kerala. Humanity was the basic theme of Satish’s stories.

In 1963, the Parva of Vasudevan Nambiathiri at Pathiripala, Palakkad. He was born as the son of Thi. Educated at Nehru College, Kanhangad and Payyannur College. During his education, he studied story, poetry and essay writing. Proved. First campus of Calicut University during college as much "Campus Times was given leadership and published. Shesham became an employee of State Bank of Travancore. Kasargod "He also worked as the editor of this weekly.

Reading the works of Payyannur, who filled periodicals in the 80s He was praised by people. Wrote 2 collections of stories and 7 novels. Kalikal, Daivapura and Vrischikam come and called are the main works. n. 1985 Karur Press, Malayatur Award for Short Story, Thoppil Deserving of Ravi Award. Directed several television films and documentaries. In 2001, he quit his bank job and entered the visual media industry. He has produced television shows through his own company Panorama. Planted. Member Secretary of Bharat Bhavan under Kerala Culture Department was

Sathishbabu gave his contributions to Malayalam literature. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan mourned the death of Yannur. His stories were written in simple language and read in Malayalam. It is dear to the eyes. Vyktimudra also published in visual media. For Cultural Exchange as Member Secretary of Bharat Bhavan Actively involved in organizing events- The Chief Minister recalled. Writer, television personality Speaker A.N. Shamsir recalled.

Satish Ba had an insatiable passion for writing and art. Opposition leader V.D. Satishan That’s why he quit his bank job to start his own production house. It started. Bharat Bhavan Member Secretary has also performed well. What is Unexpected demise of Satish Babu leaves the arts and culture industry reeling. Satish said that it is a loss.


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