Shani Gochar 2023: Astrology says, ‘Lohe Dhan Binash’ i.e. Shani destroys wealth if iron is found. The natives of that zodiac sign have to go through financial crisis.

Saturn is going to enter Aquarius on January 17 next year. Saturn’s entry into Aquarius will result in Iron aspect of Saturn in 3 Rasis. Astrology describes the four aspects of Saturn, including the golden aspect, the silver aspect, the copper aspect and the iron aspect. Iron found in these four is described as very painful, troublesome. Astrology says, ‘Lohe Dhan Binashah’ means Saturn destroys wealth if iron is found. The natives of that zodiac sign have to go through financial crisis. Money is lost for no reason. There is a strong possibility of trouble in family life. Hence iron aspect of Saturn is considered inauspicious. Find out which zodiac signs will be affected by Saturn in 2023 and who may suffer due to Saturn….

How are Saturn’s legs formed?

The astrological rule is that when Saturn transits from one sign to another, the position of Saturn is determined by the sign in which the Moon is placed. A person whose Moon is in the 1st, 6th, 11th house of his zodiac gets gold. Saturn’s silver is found on those whose Moon is in the 2nd, 5th or 9th from their zodiac sign. When Moon is in 3rd, 7th, 10th house from zodiac, copper is formed. And those who have the Moon in the fourth, eighth and twelfth places from the zodiac, Saturn’s iron is seen on them. In such a scenario, in 2023, Saturn’s iron will be found in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Let us know what will be the effect of Saturn’s iron feet on these three signs and what should be done to avoid Saturn’s adverse effects.


Due to Saturn’s iron leg effect, Aries natives will experience an increase in expenses, due to which their budget will suffer. They may also have to spend their savings. Something will suddenly happen this year, due to which they will continue to spend money even if they don’t want to. In such a situation their mood will also be bad due to higher expenditure than income and there will be tension in family life. Aries natives will also face health related problems this year. If you are going to be promoted, then the matter may be postponed and you will be disappointed, so you have to act very carefully. There will also be a possibility of unnecessary travel.

Remedy – You should recite Shani stotra regularly and think positively, avoid stress.


Leo natives will also be affected by Saturn from next year. In such a situation Leo natives will have to face adverse effects of Saturn. The natives of this zodiac sign will be involved in various aspects of life by Saturn in 2023. If you are in a job, you may think of changing jobs due to stress and tension at work. There will be some secret worries in the mind. Leo natives may also face problems with the health of an elder in the house. The behavior of siblings in the family can also cause you emotional distress. You are going to spend a lot of money this year. If you are thinking of buying a land or a house, go for it because even after spending you will build capital for future, otherwise money will continue to be spent on meaningless things. Arguments with spouse will also continue this year. Health may also trouble you this year. Avoid risky activities.

Remedy – Donate to the needy every Saturday, be careful with money transactions. Avoid risk.


In 2023, Sagittarius will also have Saturn’s iron pi. Due to the influence of this aspect of Saturn, even after getting rid of the half sati, the natives of Sagittarius may face various confusions and obstacles at work. You will also have a lot of expenses this year. Due to various complications in business, you may get emotional distress. If you plan to invest, invest very carefully this year, otherwise there may be losses. Those who are planning to buy house or land should try, they can get success. Your money may also be spent on house construction and repairs this year. The natives of this sign will also have a great desire for physical pleasures, due to which they may also spend money on buying vehicles. Be careful in friendship, trusting someone blindly will be harmful. There may be health problems from time to time.

Remedy – Recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly, control your desire for material pleasures


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