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Everyone gives great importance to skin beauty. Everyone wants to have glowing skin. Some people’s skin dries out quickly. The beauty of Charsha also depends on the weather. If the skin gets wrinkled quickly, you will look old even at your age. That is why many people give great importance to Charsha Raksha. The beauty of the skin depends on the food we eat and the creams we apply on the skin. Many people use many products available in the market to make their skin glow. Experts say that we can maintain the beauty of the skin in natural ways with some of the ingredients we have at home without spending a lot of money. What kind of food to eat for healthy skin? Let’s find out what materials to use. Consuming amla, neem and turmeric with food helps in skin cleansing. They purify the blood and remove the toxins from the skin. This will allow the skin to glow. If those who want to have beautiful skin follow a proper diet, their skin will glow with freshness.

Eat fish at least once a week as they contain omega acids. They protect the beauty of the skin. Omega acids are also high in almonds and flax seeds. Along with fish, almonds and flax seeds in our diet are good for skin beauty. Omega acids in particular prevent moisture from escaping the skin and help keep the skin smooth.

Those who want skin beauty should eat ingredients made with wheat and pesalu barley. But it is better to make any food items with wheat and pesa without sweetening the husk. The fiber content in them prevents the skin from drying out and keeps the skin tight. Also, cooking with sunflower oil is good. Cauliflower curry should be eaten twice a week for those who want to protect their skin. Cauliflower is rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 prevents hormonal imbalance and acne breakouts. Eat fresh fruits. Antioxidants are high in bananas, oranges and guavas. Eating these fruits can prevent skin from wrinkles.

Apart from the beauty of the skin, our face is what other people see the most. In order to keep the face beautiful, many people try many experiments and apply many creams for the beauty of the face. But before our face looks beautiful we need to sleep for a certain time. Dry skin means that we are not getting enough sleep. Before going to bed at night, honey should be applied on the puffy area under the eyes and honey should be rubbed gently on the face. After a while wash it off with cold water. By doing this thrice in a week if not daily, the skin glow will increase. Before going to bed at night, we can maintain our facial beauty by massaging the entire face with cotton soaked in olive oil. By dipping cotton in olive oil and massaging the face like a massage, the dust, cells and make-up dust on the face are easily removed. After that wash your face and apply regular moisturizer. Those who want a beautiful face and skin should drink enough water every day.

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