The journey in Qatar continues, a path full of Arabic stories. Through the stones. Omanchi Lazar, Koonan Kanaran, Irachikandam Moithin and Perikkalan Anthru Kelu Master and Nondiparangodan are the same protagonist SK. Kozhikote Mithai is told in Potekkat’s ‘Oru Teruvin Katha’. About Theru. Although the name is Mithaiteruv, the life story of these characters They are not sweet, but bitter. In that way, Qatar’s tradition and life experiences are interwoven. Souq Waqif is a connecting street. About 250 years old trading center. A place where Qataris have made a living. That is where the second Cornish kick goes.

Loves to sleep long during the day while enjoying the fragrance of the night to the fullest. The Qataris are the ones who get it. That’s why it will be late to open Sookh Waqif. A very wide market is important here. This place has become the most favorite place for World Cup fans. The journey there was in a very posh tram. Carrying the tradition of Calcutta, the train runs non-stop through the road. Not like before. Specially designed trams for the world are in service here. What The feeling of getting on the metro rail. The journey is through a special track, accompanied by the World Cup song.

The driver of the tram I boarded was Qatari and the conductor was African. Thus, the meeting of various cultures is the common theme here. Gatam. Reached Sook in the morning. The street is not very busy. All the vigor of the past without destroying any of the traditional symbols. Rthate Souq Waqif has been renovated.

This street also has a name called Standing Market. The reason is that the people of Kachavad are selling goods from Eyunenet. Take the escalator to the main gate of Souq Waqif. Qatar Art Center is seen first. Dharalam artists with their art exhibitions here There is Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo and Mbappe, all the superstars are alive. World Cup excitement into art gallery as vibrant paintings There is

There are many kachavada people standing on the roadside. Traditional clothes, sweets and food of Qatar Darths, Spices, Handicrafts, Jewelery All kinds of things that are needed are handy. Another attraction is the hookah lounges.

This is what Qataris have to say as they walk through the heart of the street. It is about the sufferings of the previous generation. The meat of that place is full of life A recent story; A story that turned a culture into blood.

Those who came to watch the World Cup started taking over the streets. The shouts of the Mexican teams were heard from afar. A group was led by a worshiper named Dyogo. When I arrived at the souk, I saw a large group of Mexican worshipers. Tia Diogo’s group then merged with it. He spoke highly of Mexico’s potential. Mexico will want to win, but Argentina will beat them. This is what the people from Tuloku say with dismay.

I saw a few worshipers in orange costumes nearby. First of all, I am a fan of Holland. However, they were passengers on cruise ships in Qatar. Nnu, native Italy. They shared the sadness of not being in Italy to hit the ball in the World Cup. Joined

There are many establishments here run by Malayalis. Hotels are important. Decades ago from Malappuram and Kozhikode here at Uruvi. There are also people who started this hotel in Sook. Hotel Bismillah is owned by a Malayali. They came here almost 80 years ago.


In the 1990s, Qatar’s economic sector took a big leap. But, with this, the souq as a traditional Kachhwada area has collapsed. fell to Later in 2003, most of Sukhin was destroyed in a fire. Great examples of souq architecture are stone carvings. With this, the administrative leadership here woke up. In 2006, the Govt. R started a restoration program. Joined by Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his wife Sheikha Moosa bin Nasser Financial assistance was announced for the restoration of Diyaghata.

The buildings built after the 1950s were demolished and the old structures Swelled. With this, Sukkh’s old image is maintained and a new face is created. put The restoration was completed in 2008. The tree and sprouts are imported from different parts of Asia. Man has been used for innovation.


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