Atoor Gopalakrishnan’s debut film From a Running Bus Maya "’Swayamvaram’ begins. The race of innovation in Malayalam is still going on. For being so true to life "’Swayamvaram’ was translated as the first Lokasi of Malayalam. . Awards are often given to the film or the new film. Arumushippan in many films draws people out of the theater. This black and white image, though sharp, is commercial v Not only did Jayam win, but the audience from all over the world continued for fifty years. Re is attracting. That’s why "It came by itself like the rare aurora. As a film teacher and film activist abroad Runna Peterlal Attipetti (Milwaukee) is the undisputed leader at the time of writing. Tipping.

Today is November 24, 2022.

50 years ago on this day "Swayamvaram’ came out. The exhibition was held at Sripadmanabhai, Thiruvananthapuram. Gopalakrishnan’s film has been closed for three and a half decades since the release of the film. The Munich Film Museum curator Dr. Makalellam has seen many times. Here is Petro Shohan’s valuation: "In a fundamentalist view, the test case is a restrained one. In the Chana style, Kerala in the early seventies, Kerala Life in Le, very strong and rough, but take pity Tithan has also been depicted in his autobiography.’

Having said this, I am also aware of the filmmaking efforts of that time. should After passing out from the Pune Film Institute in 1965, Varumbol and many others passed out. Atoor said that he was looking for a job in Bombay. This writer has recorded himself. But Atoor could come to Kerala and work in the film industry. Decided. It was believed that we can go straight and take the film. Some producers of the day were approached through mutual friends. Technically trained people are eligible for film direction. As assistant to the director of any known Reeti also thought that the method is to make films in increments. Because of that, I stopped seeing the producers later.

Find out what the next way is. These were documentaries of the Films Division and the Government of Kerala. The closest way. This sector is particularly interested in contracting state government documentaries. There was no knowledge or experience. Atur e Ka is to gain self-knowledge in all the technical aspects of cinema. Used by Lum.

First Feature Film "He was a girlfriend. The screenplay is written by C.N. Srikanthan Nair. But Film Finance Corporation did not accept it. This company was providing financial support for film production at that time. It was a reparation. Meanwhile, Mariano, who was working in Kuwait, Came forward to get you. "He also agreed to film ‘Kamuki’. Madhu, P.J. Anthony, Atoor Bhasi, Usha Nandini, Chengannur Pankajavalli etc. There were actors.
But, having no previous experience with a feature film was a turning point. Yi. Filming started during Idavapathi. Due to rain, the camera could not even be taken out for a week. Before that, he did everything that regular filmmakers do. He went to Madras and recorded the songs. Lyrics by Atumanoor Somadas composed by Shashi and Shiva and They were later introduced by Aravind, the founder. reached He was a Development Officer at Rubber Board and joined the Kottayam Film Society. He was the secretary of the site. Aurobindo was "Kamuki’s art teacher. After a week of filming, Mariano ran out of money. With that, the filming stopped.

It is sad for Atur that the first initiative which started with great expectations has stalled. mai. It was a great lesson learned through that. And the rest of it, and those who default, lose it all. And only those who can bear it have come as builders. Rap says. Many later "It has been said that I should take a picture with you. They were first asked, "Do you have the wherewithal to lose all your money?’ It was. One should not take his picture on the street. It does not mean that you will get money by running the film. I don’t know if I will get any honors.

It is a time of uncertainty "Atoor’s classmate and friend during his undergraduate days at Gandhigram. Ya Kulathur Bhaskaran Nair came forward. Even then, he was moving forward with documentaries, Atur. Sini with government benefits by forming a co-operative society of Rs. Bhaskaran Nair said to calm down. How Kerala’s first film co-operative "’Chitralekha’ is formed. For two hundred thousand rupees "Produced by Chitralekha "Even in its 50th year, ‘Swayamvara’ continues to astonish the world cinema audience.

Sara also plays Madhu, a busy leading lady in a commercial film. Daye also invited Atoor to his home. A glimpse of life from the so far fascinating scenes in Vellithira. When Saya brought them both down to the paths, it was Mt. Yala movie has a new sentimentality that was unknown till then. was missing. Swayamvaram is a poem written in Atur Tirasheela when he was just 31 years old. 4 When the state self-wrote the film with national press, Sam The film was rejected at the Sthana Cinema Award!

State Award Deficit to go to National Jury for Award Atur told me that two of them had camped in Madras and tried. Averted. On that day, the regional award committee selects films for the national awards. Don’t send. South Indian Committee "Swayamvara was not sent. But the national youth led by Ramesh Thapar, a famous intellectual Re call this movie and watch it and get the best picture award. Scarab won four awards including the best director award. And did it. Award Committee Criticizes Regional Juries, Dismisses Them No. was also recommended. Territorial juries disappeared with it. With that, "By taking the historical answer of ‘self-inflicted’ Went back.

P.K., who was the curator of the National Film Archive of India. Nair was the president of the state jury. Apart from him, others were deciding the awards. He later killed him "It is news that Devanandan, the secretary of the Malayalar Rajya, was told. Yes.
"At least he could have resigned. If the member is the Jury President, there is no objection in the committee. It is the condition that has been taken since then’- Atoor remembered.

Before the award, "’Swayamvaram’ was released but did not do well. "If there was a toor bhasi and two or three songs, how could it run? Remember what theater owners used to say, “change” Atur is still smiling. After a week, the theaters stopped showing the film. Thus, Chitralekha, a movement of young people, has been criticized by many. wrote

After receiving the national award "Swayamvaram’ was re-released. With that, the theaters are packed… different movies people are excited about. Accepted by Film Finance Corporation loan repaid before due date for the first time That is the reason why this film has a painted history. The total budget of the film was two and a half lakh rupees. Out of which the loan was one hundred thousand rupees.

To the tambrakas and hunters disguised as intellectual beings in Kachchavada movies. Lalla Madhura Pratikaram directed by Atoor Gopalakuri Shnan Loka became the Indian epitome of cinema. Those who tried to prevent that arrival went to the dustbin of history. Lumille is the black goose of time!


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