20 Most Developed and Fastest Developing Countries in the World Time is G20. India, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France US, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UK, US, European Union A These are the members. The G20 summit that ended in Bali, Indonesia last day, the whole world It was an inter-state conference that was watched with attention by the people of Yula. Discussions have taken place in the summit on many issues. Apart from technical discussions, there are also respectful bilateral discussions. Tucked away.

The very complex issue of Taiwan is a first for this summit. Both parties came to the discussion. The Taiwan issue is the most fundamental of the state as far as China is concerned. This is a problem. Therefore, the day before the Supreme Court begins, President Xi Jinping Meets US President Joe Biden Kshi discussed. That meeting attracted world attention. Biden is meeting Xi for the first time since taking office. The Taiwan issue has led to a confrontational atmosphere. It is a fact. Xi Jinping last week to prepare for war with the Chinese army. Called by In any case, a war-like situation arose in the region. There is no doubt about it.

General Chia escaped from China in 1949 following the Chinese Revolution. Under the leadership of Ng Kaishak, the island of Taiwan was annexed by the Republic of China (Taiwan ) is declared as It is with all the help of the United States that the kingdom is standing. . China and most of the world have claimed that this region is part of China since the beginning. Opposite states have also accepted. But the actions against China with the help of America Mai Taiwan is moving forward. That is why the conflict is raging. Shi and Biden have prepared for an open discussion to make it easier.

Xi warns US not to overstep Taiwan issue Jin Ping gave it. Taiwan is a part of China. The relationship between the two countries is that the United States has accepted the One China Policy. Xi also reminded Biden that he is his foundation. Despite China’s opposition, the US representative House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tha By the time Ivan visited, the conflict between the two kingdoms was intense. . Biden says he will send troops to defend Taiwan if China attacks Called. Recently, these two leaders had a 3-hour long meeting in Bali. A cooperative society that resolves conflicts amicably. The leaders expressed hope that they will be able to find these sectors. We should learn from past experiences and move forward for world peace. Shi said that we should try together.

Should China’s aggressive approach to Taiwan change? Then Biden asked Xi Jinping to visit. U.S. One China Policy Unchanged and Close to Unilateral Biden also announced that he opposes us. Differences of opinion between the two states were dealt with extensively. Biden said that the competition should be prevented from becoming a conflict. Will US-China relations return to a healthy and sustainable path? Chinese Foreign Affairs Spokesman Mao Ni said that he expects said.

Western alliance blames Russia for Ukraine war In the joint declaration of the summit, consensus will be impossible. Suspicion was high. The consensus of all the member states is essential for the G20 declaration. Heads of states, including India, extended the declaration. A consensus was to be found after holding a discussion.

The Ukraine war was discussed at the G20 summit very seriously. World’s differences over Ukraine war acknowledged The joint proposal of the G20 summit has come out because of Chu. But the international law must be followed and ordinary citizens The proposal also says that it should be protected. They say they are against nuclear weapons and a peaceful alternative to war. G20 also recommends that Riharam should be seen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s position that this is not the time for war The joint motion has been accepted by many. Preparing a joint motion by coordinating the opposing positions Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwetra said that India has a major role in

England’s position on Ukraine war Two are explaining. These were the same positions expressed in the UN Security Council. They Most of the countries strongly criticized Russia. There were positions against this. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not reach the summit. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov represented Russia. The United States agreed to restore the global financial order. The Supreme Court proposed that the measures should be accepted. says in Global economic frameworks for jobs and growth Ravi received all necessary actions including policy formulation. will have It will help developing countries to face competition. Supreme Council shares concerns over global food security Commodities Trade Policy Addresses Hunger and Malnutrition In its declaration, the Supreme Court said that Kshyam should also be included.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Austria Lyon Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Thunak Narendra Modi was holding a meeting with the world leaders. Britain will give work visas to 3,000 young professionals from India every year Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said. The UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership, conceived last year This initiative is part of the 18-30 age group of graduates. The opportunity is for Rishi Su said that they should be ready to work in UK for at least 2 years. Nakin’s office tweeted.

G20 Chairman of the coming year at the ceremony on the last day of the summit Nai chose Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Incumbent G20 President Indonesian President Jobko Widodo Narendra Modi took the new post. Modi to take charge as Odyogaka from December 1 Th. New ideas are generated and collective action is accelerated. Modi said that India should try for one more year.
The post-Covid world, climate change and the wealth gap between states Cooperation, Food-Energy Security issues raised in Supreme Court Discussed respectfully. Comprehensive response to global infectious diseases including COVID-19 The G20 states have given form to the Cancer Fund. This fund is raised jointly by the Health and Finance Ministers. G20 countries and non-members and voluntary organizations Will join.

One of the greatest global problems facing the world today is Biden – Xi Jinping bilateral talks to cool down the issue There is no doubt about it. The Ukraine issue also paved the way for meaningful discussion at this summit. To end the conflict through bilateral talks and even if the war is no longer This Supreme Court which related parties should be prepared to avoid Te call is a very important one.

Although different states have different opinions on this matter, yo The Supreme Court passed a resolution and a resolution It is something that needs to be said in today’s situation. Today, the G20 is dominated by the capitalist-imperialist states. and leadership. However, the various members of the underdeveloped countries Adequate measures are taken to protect the environment. The world expects that G20 will be ready in the new scenario. (Author’s Phone: 9847132428)


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