Kochi: Private mobile companies in the state have again hiked the rates of telecom services. reached The additional liability is against the backdrop of significant increases in spectrum fees. Companies decide to pass on a portion of their profits to their customers. Th. Bharti Airtel is the second largest telecom company in the state. He took the first step in this regard. 28 days minimum recharge amount in Haryana and Odisha circles Rati Airtel rose 57 percent to Rs 155. In the next few days, there will be an increase in other major circles of the state. Company sources say that it will come on tap.

Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea follow Airtel’s lead According to those in the telecom sector, there will be an increase in traffic. in 1.5 lakh crore auction of fifth generation (5G) spectrum completed Thus, the cost of telecom companies will be significantly increased. Niche is planning to raise the rates once again.

Companies spend so much money to buy 5th generation spectrum. Users are charged extra for 5G services People in this industry say that Kendi Varu. Also 4G rate to attract more users to 5G They point out that there is a possibility to increase significantly. Mobile Service Rates for the last 3 years It had increased 2 times. However, telecom services still dominate the global mobile market. India is one of the countries that charge low rates.

Reliance Industries, the largest private corporate group in the state Reliance Jio owned by Mr. Telecom services are available at an attractively low cost. Mobile phone charges in India have been reduced Made by In 5G spectrum auction, 4 major companies join hands to acquire 51,236 MHz spectrum 1.5 Ksham was acquired for Rs. Of this, Reliance Jio acquired spectrum worth Rs. 88,078 crore. Bharti Airtel Rs 43,084 crore and Vodafone Idea Rs 18,799 crore Te also owns the 5G spectrum.

Only if you charge 4 percent more than the prevailing rate. How can telecom companies cope with the new environment? Prominent analysts point out that Telecom companies to invest heavily in 5G services Even if you don’t have to do it, consider the increase in spectrum costs. Telecom companies say that loads are naturally high. Along with this, 2G telecom will disappear from market awareness. Adding. The average revenue from a customer does not even reach Rs.160. They said that the Indian telecom sector is not able to operate profitably. R added. Airte to offer minimum recharge pack of Rs 99 for 2G users It was canceled yesterday. This is an indication of companies withdrawing from 2G services. Experts point out.


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