Qatar is going to play the World Cup for the first time in its history. They are to prove that it is not just a right to be a host. There is an obligation. The rest for South Africa, the hosts who will be eliminated without making it past the first round. Shame should be avoided. Mohana’s dream of being the first debutant to win the inaugural race. Work is ahead.

In the first match, they are the smallest opponents available in Group A. Coming to the table – Latin American representative Ecuador R. Next up is Senegal, which is comparatively stronger. Matches against England. If Senegal are the African champions, the Netherlands 2010 World Cup They are the finalists. As for Qatar, the team with only 50th rank in the world ranking.

Ecuador will play in the World Cup for the last time after a gap of eight years. Weaving Before them they were the best in the Middle East. Qatar should sign. Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Albania They won the warm-up matches against Rku exudes a lot of self-confidence. Star striker Almos Ali to go against Honduras The form was displayed with a wave.

Copa America in 2019 and CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2021 Qatar has won the international competition for the World Cup. Who conducted the survey? With the winners of the 2019 Asian Cup. Pari, an academy product of Spanish club Barcelona The tricks of Sheelakan Felix Sanchez It will depend on how he invents it. The result of the match against Quador.

Ecuador’s arrival is fraught with controversy. W. Byron Castillo was born in Colombia. Not fit to play for Quadro Pitch Chile and Peru filed a complaint. Equa to drop him from the team after Yatin The door is locked.
Ecuador played the World Cup in 2002, 2006 and 2014. Thram has crossed the group stage. Children of the Pharisee Gustavo Alfaro Clean sheets in warm matches Strengthens the immune system. He has not scored in even one of the six matches played since June. The unyielding Ecuador team only hit the post twice. The result of four matches is a goalless draw. was

26th minute of the warm-up match against Albania Attacking Striker Ahmed Al Din Parukate was out. Ali in excellent form for his country with 42 goals Playing in Akram will be part of the attack along with Afif Ali. .
Abdul Karim Haz, who is a regular presence in the national team. N will lead the fifth middle class. Ali Asad, Captain Hassan Al-Haydos, Hatim, Mr. Gwanel will line up. Hasan, Ravi and Khawqi are in the defense. will include Sheeb will be tasked with guarding the goal net.

Alexander became the first keeper in the Ecuador team. R. Domiguez on defense Brighton star Estupian, Leverkusen Nre Hincapi in Sao Paulo’s Arboleda. Come and join. Midfield led by Augberg star Gruenzo Yil Brighton star Kayse Starring Dr. Sarmiento, Los Angeles The Sifuventus and Jegson Mentus R Etum will Valladolid star Gonzalo Plata, Pachuca The club’s Romario Ibarra is Other stars in the sequence.



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