Sashi completes Malabar tour Rur MP returns to capital Congress politics is confused. Religious leaders in Malabar Front leaders and party work Karem Tharoor visited him personally. Increased breast size There is

Recently, in Kottayam Eratupet D. Mahasa of Youth Congress for number three Tharoor was also invited to inaugurate the meeting. The fight at the party got worse. It is an indication that it is coming. In the poster released by Youth Congress Opposition leader V.D. Sathish’s dismissal is controversial There is

Repo is the supporter of A group. Rt. Malappuram DCC President Ummancha Ndi Group’s young face V.S. Joy had accepted Tharoor. K. Muralidharan supports Tharoor I Group was launched in And vice versa. Tharoor contests for Congress president’s post Richapoll supported M.K. Raghavan MP is still with him. There is

As the rift worsened, KPCC Press Dant K. Determine the position of the researcher. will be At present, K.C. has defeated the Congress in the state. Under the leadership of Venugopal, V.D. Directed by Satish and Sudhakaran that Spend some time with KC and VD Lai Sudhakar is not so involved. Satish criticizes Tharoor Look for any reaction like spit It has not happened from their side.

Sudhakar’s confidant and Youth Congress Bring the Rigil Makuti Kozhikode with you Participate in the event with of Youth Congress withdrew A faithful contribution of the researchers It is also worth noting.

K.C. Rame with Venugopal and Satish Sh Chennithala also acted against Tharoor. There is Put Tharoor in front of them Thi Muraleedharan and Sudhakaran Raghava And the youth leaders will be united Senior Congress leaders Sinking in doubt.

Acceptance in Kannur DCC, KC Group Boycotted

Shashi Tharoor’s controversial Malabar film At Kannur DC during the tour Acceptance by AICC General Sec. Cratery KC Venugopal’s Group Book Thank you. DCC President Marty at the reception N George and other group members participated. Sajeev Jose of Paul Venugopal Group MLA, Kannur Corporation Mayor RTO Mohanan and Sajeev Maroli including Hissed.

Tharoor mocks Satish

Leader of Opposition VD Satheesan’s balloon Tharoor scoffed at the suggestion. A partial operation is being carried out It’s sad when some people say, Kshe, I am not afraid of anyone. Kannuri during the Malabar tour with Bishop Mar Joseph Pamplani Media for the next meeting Tharoor was talking to

Leader of Opposition’s press conference ‘Blood Blown by the Media’ To ridicule the experiment, he did not run ‘Why have you come? I know you blow up balloons It didn’t come, did it?’ He was his grandfather Sum.

Malabar tour is not for balloon inflation Conducted by no. The level of discomfort in such consultations Yes. Me and MK Raghavan MP It is said that the message has been carried out. Know what is partial operation go Whatever goes wrong, go through the mediums Explain who disputed the no. Tharoor said that it should be burnt.


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