Sajee has been in the Congress for some time The topic is Dr. Shashi Tharoor Hike to party national presidency When it is confirmed that the mand candidate will come Then it came out to the Nehru-Gandhi family. He is a match for anyone who has Kumennu Tharoor decided to continue. What is this discussion? Elected to Mallikarjun Kharge Even when Tupil lost, more than a thousand defendants. Tharoor star who got the votes of Nidhis From the position. A loser is better than a winner Kharge. Created by Because Kharge is the High Command’s problem. It was fire. It is a great success for him. He was sure.

She thought she would be with him. Ruthalvadi is the leader of the division. Tharoor when even he stood aloof Represented all over the state Confirmed the vote of As expected from Kerala Tharoor got huge support in Th. Moreover, nowadays Acceptance among Nu people It upset many leaders. There will be. Especially someone like this in the Congress. How exactly is self rising? It is Yavan. Hikeman through group loans Position through construction of Din It’s a regular thing.

Notable from the position of an MP Tharoor to the level of national leader Because of this, the party is now the leader He has a place on the high floor. The observations of the people The presidential election is over. What is the status of Thiruvananthapuram MP? Many people ask the question of Nu Kharge. did However, the high command has lost its permanent character. No. Kharge Pra instead of Working Committee In the announced 47 member steering committee Ruri is not included. Head of organizational affairs Lalla General Secretary K.C. In the list announced by Venugopal, he A.K. Anthony and Umm Chandy are from Kerala. Contains from By competing for the presidency Nothing special about Tharoor. Haikama decided that there is no need in And later Gujarat Legislative Assembly Star campaigners for election Tharoor was also beaten in the TV list. 40 star Pracha featuring Ramesh Chennithala Kanya Kumar in the list of names Newcomers like Hooda and Tha A senior leader like Riq Anwar There is In the list of star promoters Education in Gujarat after Called for Rathi organization campaign Pol was refusing the call. Tharoor.

Instead, here is one in Kerala "He is down for the campaign He Malabar "The tour was successfully completed Yaki yesterday in Thiruvananthapuram. UDF war before Paresh The party he attended on stage Appropriate to his critics in Maya is the other way around. Thiruvananthapuram own constituency The party wars going on in Tharoor Ka The last day High criticism over the years. It is important for the state government and the CPM He is against Vijayan as Minister Pinarayi. Some of the critics say that there is no sound. Picking up The mayor’s resignation is the first in the letter dispute. UDF says that he is the one who shot That is Tharoor remembered in Ravedi "Add that ‘some have forgotten’ That V.D. Satishana pointed again Showing. Three weeks in Thiruvananthapuram Satisfied about the ongoing battles It reminded me of shame. "Because of the balloon needle inflated by the media The advice of Satishan, who was ‘broken’ Paro given by Tharoor the day before Ksha replied "I will give you the needle to burst the balloon.’ It should also be remembered that there was.

A section of party leaders Secret and Confidential Support Rur’s "becoming a force for parallel movement Th. A place of its own in state politics Will this help Tharoor to find out? I want to know myself after seeing. Leader upset with Tharoor’s move Naturally, the High Command It will be measured. Earlier, he was a big figure in state politics. Tharoor Haikman who was indifferent He was the only faithful representative of Din. Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha Mandal Lake Tharoor was tied up by the Nehru family. At first I thought it was stored. High anger towards Tsarikan. Since then, I have been here as a global citizen. It is Tharoor who is the highest in the field. What was seen. However, today the high command has the old answer. There is no ten. That’s why I was sent to Delhi Can’t get an applause from So Varumbol is no longer in the state. It may be that this is enough. For that, the crowds will also perform I don’t know if I can help you. Th.

3rd of December Youth Congress Congress in Thailand The servers are now there And attention. Youth Congress Kottayam District Committee Planning The main characters in this event are Shanam Tharoor will be. Tharoor is a part of A group. It is said that the stage is set. His Malabar program Lil also contributed a section of A group. It is pointed out.

Tharoor who competed against Kharge KPC is pictured as C President K. Researcher. However, the current movements of Tharoor Some of the followers of Sudhakar There is support from K.C. Kannu boycotted by Venugopal’s group R DCC Admission Successful This is also why some people Rayunnat. During the national presidential election K stands against Ruri. Muralidharan too. Now he has come with support. is sitting Kozhikode MP M.K. Support with Raghavan There is New politics with Tharoor in front Many people continue to see the possibilities of testing. This shows that where . Wait to see where it will reach I want to see myself.


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