Not graceful beauty, today’s bride wants Maud Glam Look (Bridal Maud Glam Look)Is this radical change of the bride’s makeup really right? Celebrity Makeup Artist Aniruddha Chakladar Learned the opinion Soma Lahiri.

Aniruddha Chakladar has been decorating brides for almost forty years. There is no actress in Tollywood who has not done makeup to Aniruddha. Actress Paoli, Riddhima to singer Lognajeeta-all have dressed up for Aniruddha on their wedding day. ‘Everyone’s face shape is different, personality is different, so the style of dressing is also different’ – said Aniruddha. Then he explained step by step how the bride’s makeup should be.

Image - The concept of 'turned around and changed' is completely incompatible with bride's makeup

The natural base makes the bride graceful

• First let’s come to the base makeup of the bride. The foundation should be used matching the color tone with the skin tone of the bride.
• Applying foundation and compact powder or translucent powder of a lighter color tone than the skin color is very visible to make the skin color artificially fair.
• If there is a pimple, acne or any scar on the face, the makeup artist will cover it with skillful hands.
• Bride’s base makeup should not be too heavy. Afternoon to all night, meaning the bride’s makeup needs to stay intact for ten to twelve hours straight. If the thick base makeup doesn’t sit properly on the skin, the plaster will look like a crumbling wall.

Elaborate Eyes is not for brides

• Eyes and lips are the living objects in the mouth. Especially the eye expression enhances the beauty of the bride. The right eye makeup brings out the shy expression of the eyes.
• Very elaborate eye makeup makes the bride look like a dancer or a serial actress. Especially if you apply false eyelashes and use very bright color shade eyeshadow, the sweetness of the bride’s eyes is lost.
• A fine line of kajal or eye liner on the eyes, light pink or peach eyeshadow and a light coat of mascara on the eyelids is enough.

Image - The concept of 'turned around and changed' is completely incompatible with bride's makeup

Use of blusher is better if it is not loud

• Everyone’s face shape is not perfect. Some people’s faces are very round, some people’s faces are long and some people’s faces are square. The makeup artist corrects the shape of the face by applying blusher.
• Shade of blusher should be chosen according to skin color and saree color. The shade of blusher is also good if it is not too bright for the bride.
• Applying excessive amount of blusher makes the bride’s cheeks red. It spoils the beauty of the bride.

A pouty lip is incompatible with a bride’s outfit

• Brides of this generation, who want to completely transform themselves on their wedding day, naturally prefer pouty lips.
• If any correction is needed in the shape of the lips, the makeup artist fixes it as much as possible with lip liner. Then apply lipstick.
• Many brides request a makeup artist to lip the pout. They do. It makes the bride look very loud.

Image - The concept of 'turned around and changed' is completely incompatible with bride's makeup

Bride’s hairstyle means buns and garlands

• No other hairstyle goes well with the bride’s traditional dress except khoppah.
• The flower garlanded khomp peeks out from behind the veil.
• It looks good to put roses on the trunk. The khoppa can also be decorated with small lace roses.

On the wedding day, apply sandalwood mast on the forehead

•A Bengali bride does not look good without sandalwood on her forehead. If not on the entire forehead, at least the sandalwood design around the red tip in the middle of the forehead is very nice.
• The design can be widened if the forehead is large.
• A bride looks beautiful even if she wears sandalwood matching the color of the saree.
• The combination of stone and sandalwood is not bad either.

Image - The concept of 'turned around and changed' is completely incompatible with bride's makeup

Dress up as yourself

• Every girl has her own beauty. Everyone’s personality is different. It is the job of an artist to bring out her individuality and make her beautiful on her wedding day.
• First of all, the concept of ‘upside down and look changed’ in wedding dress is very inconsistent.
• The bride is the star on her wedding day. So don’t dress like a star, dress like yourself. Be yourself to your loved ones. Everyone will be impressed by your beauty.

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