Karim Benzema was just 19 when he made the French national team in 2006. Three A call from Real Madrid within a year, any football player Hiccup’s achievement. The transfer amount was 4.1 crore Euros. However, the French tea for the World Cup held in South Africa the following year. Mil Benzema did not get a place. The eye-opening game with the World Cup and Benzema started that day.

In 2010, Benzema was accused of sexually assaulting French players. Although there were indications that it was due to lack of space in the team, All the other accused were included in the team that day. Raymond Domenech, the French coach of the day, had a relationship with Real Madrid. Later, Benzema was hit back by the unpleasantness. The ports came.
""Kareem is young and very talented. I think Van can still play the world cup.” , the domain said.

Benzema’s World Cup dream blossomed in 2014. France beat Honduras by three goals A goal belonged to Benzema. This goal is due to a mistake by the Honduras goalkeeper. Goal line technology for the first time in the world cup The goal was confirmed through. France lost to Germany in the quarter-finals. Benzema’s first World Cup win Nichu.

He has since become a constant presence at Real Madrid. It was over. Even Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo Continual goals at a time when he was confined to the shadow of Thikayaka. Benzema continues to prove his talent by winning that But he was not included in the team for the 2018 World Cup.

Didier, the coach at that time, asked what was the reason for beating Benzema that day. Deschamps has not revealed it yet. But there was a controversial sex tape behind it. It is a secret secret. Team member Mathew Valbuena’s tape release incident And that Benzema knew, Balbuena He blackmailed me and planned to extort money. Someone also alleged that he had a relationship. However, Les Bleus were crowned champions in Russia. It was televised for their famous striker. Had to be satisfied.

Finally, Benzema leads Real to the Champions League, Lally. Ga crown wins, Ballon d’Or awarded Through this, he reached the top of world football. After a gap of five years, she returned to the national team. Didier Deschamps is the same one who won in the past. While flying in Qatar as Prime Minister, Mr. There are those who dream of returning to the Golden Boot. . But woe betide his golden feet Merging…


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