Kolkata, November 20 (AD): Tollywood is at a standstill today. Aindrila Sharma’s family broke down in tears. Dark clouds in the minds of fans. People who love the actress are also at a loss for words today. Even after winning many battles, Aindrila did not return. Shortly after this, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed grief. Condolences have been expressed from various levels of society. The video of Aindrila that day in ‘Dadagiri’, ‘So much fun, everything is in vain without you’, is going viral.

Several celebrities have expressed their grief over Aindrila’s passing. Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee expressed his condolences from his Facebook page writing ‘Bal teko Aindrila….May your will power be an inspiration….’

Bharat Kall played the role of his father in Jeonakathi The actor was devastated by the death of his screen daughter today Bharatbabu said, “I thought Aindrila would come back There was a lot to learn from him He loved his parents very much Father-daughter relationship is very rare There was a mentality of standing up He was so sick, he couldn’t be understood And everything is incomplete without talking about Sabyasachi Everyone, the entire industry prayed for the girl May Aindrila’s mother, father, Sabyasachi get the strength Those who are cancer patients understand the pain.”

Actress Kaninika Banerjee said, “Aindrila means Sabyasachi. I have met once in my life. When I was going to fight my fight, I hugged him once and said.. He somehow gave me courage to fight my fight. I thanked Sabyasachi immeasurably, for thus grasping. I actually still can’t believe it. You have to believe that, but that smile will remain somewhere in your mind, you have to fight and move forward with that spirit. I am still not over this news. I thought I would win this fight too. I used to pray every night before going to bed.”

Actor Jayjit Banerjee is stunned today. He said, “A baby girl, a 24-year-old girl, has been seen, talked to, and feels very bad. I was in a state of flux for some time. Talked with Sabyasachi and Jitu yesterday as well. He wanted to live very much, that’s why he was coming back again and again. The wishes, prayers and wishes of so many people were not fulfilled.”

Neha Bhattacharya, former anchor and content editor of a reputed TV channel, is currently an officer in a private organization in Bangalore. He said on social media, “The serial has not been seen. So to be honest I have not seen any serial of Aindrila. He has been known only through news for the past few months. At the age of 24, so many fights, how many people can! Suddenly, I saw that the girl was gone. For so long, it seemed that Aindrila would return after this fight.. But ‘like every time, she did not come back as a phoenix’.

This is what I hope to see many such dreams get strength and morale. Aindrila Sharma You are the last page of Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’ story, which will inspire thousands of people. Goodbye!”

Actor Joy Mukhopadhyay said, “Very sad. We worked together. He was ill before. He came back fighting. We hope to come back again. I feel very bad for his family.”

Along with a video of lover Sabyasachi dancing with her to keep Aindrila’s mind at ease, Prince Roy wrote, “The thread was snapped. The fight stopped. Love won after losing the war of life. Death of the heart is beyond the bounds of life. Your place is eternal.”

Kaveri Chatterjee, state general secretary of BJP Mahila Morcha wrote, “You have to leave so many people’s prayers and so many people’s love and go far away. In these few days you have become the daughter of all of us, I have prayed to God that you will recover quickly and come back to us all, but it did not happen anymore, stay well Aindrila.”

Incidentally, the long war stopped. Late actress Aindrila Sharma passed away on Sunday morning. Only 24-this stopped his way. Survived by lover Sabyasachi Chowdhury, mother, father and sister. Hemorrhage suddenly started on the brain. Surgery is also done. After that, he had multiple cardiac arrests in a week. Even after a long fight in the hospital bed, the end was not saved. All the efforts of the doctors failed and his journey stopped prematurely.


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