Chandigarh. A surprising case has come to light in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana. In fact, a married Hindu wrestler resident of Charkhi Dadri converted to Islam to marry a Muslim minor wrestler girl resident of Bhopal. After this both of them got married. Both have appealed to the Punjab and Haryana High Court for security after getting married at Nayagaon in Mohali district of Punjab. While filing the petition, the couple stated that the girl belongs to the Muslim community and has attained sexual maturity.

The girl is 16 years old and the boy is 27 years old. In the Muslim community, marriage is valid even when a minor is married after sexual maturity. Both have married according to Muslim customs in Nayagaon. However, the family members of the girl are not happy with this marriage. The family members of the girl have a strong objection to this love marriage, due to which both the husband and wife are hiding in fear from the Bhopal police and the girl’s family members. This matter of love marriage of a minor girl and an adult boy has now reached the Punjab and Haryana High Court, from where they are hopeful of getting justice. The petitioner has said that if the family members of the girl get it, they will kill them. The petitioner told that the girl has a good income from the rent coming from the shop in the mall and there is a proper arrangement for living. While hearing this petition, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has sought a report from the Haryana government on the safety of the loving couple.

The wrestler couple has argued before the court that the girl has reached puberty and they have married as per Muslim rituals. He should not be harassed by the girl’s family, who are against their relationship. It was told in the High Court that the lovers were receiving death threats for marrying outside religion. The High Court has issued a notice to the girl’s parents and brother in Bhopal and summoned their reply. High Court Justice NS Shekhawat has given this order while hearing the petition of a minor girl resident of Bhopal, who is currently living with her 27-year-old husband, a resident of Charkhi Dadri district of Haryana.

During the hearing of the case, the High Court was told that both husband and wife are wrestlers. The boy is a national champion wrestler and a resident of Charkhi Dadri. They met each other at a sports event about five months ago, after which they started liking each other. Then both of them decided to marry each other. The parents of the girl came to know about the relation of the petitioners, after which there was opposition in the family and efforts were made to forcibly marry the girl at some other place. The court was told that the petitioner girl had attained the age of puberty and on November 13, she married of her own free will as per Muslim rituals in a mosque at Nayagaon, Mohali.

The girl’s parents and brother are accused of threatening the couple. Bhopal police is also looking for them in Charkhi Dadri. The court said that if they were caught by the girl’s family, the couple would be killed. The court was told that the boy has a good income from shopping mall rental in Charkhi Dadri and is capable of meeting the responsibility of marriage and life. In their petition, the couple sought a direction from the court seeking protection of life and liberty of the girl’s family. The marriage certificate issued by the couple in connection with their ‘nikah’ (marriage) has also been produced in the court. The court was told that he was forced to remain in hiding due to threat to his life.

According to information, wrestler Naveen is married. He was married for the first time on January 21, 2019, but only after marriage, the relationship between the two did not go well. After a few days of marriage, both of them live separately. The relatives of the wrestler came in favor of the marriage. Wrestler Naveen Kumar’s relatives have come out in favor of him after he married a Muslim girl. Naveen’s father Chand Pahalwan, who has been a national champion many times, told that he has no problem if the son has married a Muslim girl. The family members are with him in front of the son’s happiness.

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