Baruipur, November 20 (H. S.) Son killed his father due to a dispute regarding money. Such sensational information has emerged during the investigation of the murder of an ex-navy in Dihi area of ​​Baruipur, South 24 Parganas. Raju Chakraborty alias Joy, son of former Navy personnel Ujjal Chakraborty, needed Rs.3,000. Joy, an ITI student, wanted to move to Chennai for a job. But father Ujjal Chakraborty abused and beat him when he asked his father for money to go there. At that time, Jay also beat his father. Mother and son strangled Ujjwal to death at that time. After that, the body was cut into pieces with a sharp knife and dumped in different places in the area.

In the preliminary investigation, the police claimed that the murder was due to family dispute and unrest. The Navy personnel retired from service in 2000. Then he first worked as a security guard in a private company and currently he was working as a court security guard. However, every evening he used to come home drinking and torture his wife and son. All in all, this torture was increasing day by day. On November 14, when the son asked for money, the son started abusing the wife, and the son beat the father in return. After that son Joy alias Raju Chakraborty and his mother Shyamoli Chakraborty strangled and killed father Ujjal Chakraborty. Then taken to the bathroom of the house, the body was cut into six pieces with an iron saw. Raju put the body on the bicycle and threw it in the nearby forest and water body.
Thus, after Ujjal’s body was lost, the mother and son filed a missing diary of their father at the Baruipur police station. Not only that, they were living a normal life after that. But on Friday afternoon, a setback occurred when a part of Ujjal’s body was recovered from a water body near his house. When the police recovered the body, both the mother and son filed a case of murder of Ujjal at Baruipur police station. Based on that complaint, the investigation of the incident started. But after investigating the incident, the police of Baruipur police station noticed several discrepancies. The speech and behavior of Jay and his mother are quite suspicious to the investigators. Then on Saturday afternoon, the police called Joy to the police station and started questioning. Jai after breaking the police interrogation. He confessed to killing his father. Then on Saturday evening, the police went to Dihi area with Joy to find the rest of Ujjal’s body. Two legs were recovered on Saturday night. But the police started searching again on Sunday morning for the rest of the body and the knife that dismembered the body.

Joy told the police that she had thrown the saw in the same pond where the first body parts were found. Accordingly, on Sunday, divers were lowered into the pond to search. But in the end it did not match. On the other hand, Joy told the police that the rest of the body was thrown in a forest on the opposite side of the pond. According to the accused, the police started searching there as well. Finally Ujjal Chakraborty’s waist part was recovered from there. However, so far the two hands of the deceased have not been found.
In the meantime, Baruipur police took Jai Chakraborty alias Raju and his mother Shyamoli Chakraborty to court in the Baruipur case on Sunday. Fourteen days police custody was requested. But the court ordered twelve days police custody. Besides, the judge also ordered physical examination of both of them every 48 hours. He has been ordered to appear in court again on December 2.

While being taken to the court today, Shyamoli said in response to the questions of the journalists, “He used to beat and abuse me and my son every day when he returned home. He used to quarrel with his neighbors even on minor matters. Day after day his torture was increasing on us. I couldn’t bear it.”
In this incident, the common people of the area have practically become shocked. They claim that such an incident has never happened in this area. Everyone is getting excited thinking how a person was killed and his body was cut into several pieces and scattered in different places. Some have compared it with the Delhi murder incident. On the other hand, Ujjwal’s neighbors claim that Ujjwal himself is responsible for this incident. From a young age, he taught his son various fighting techniques. He taught himself how to kill people with one hit. Besides, he did not allow his son or wife to mix with any of the neighbors. He does not mix with anyone. They also complained that they used to make trouble with the neighbors. But no one could have imagined that such an event would happen


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