has become a topic of international debate, the forty-first India International Trade Fair in Thip Trade fair. The fair, which started in 1980, is the pride of the state today. There are several reasons why the global business community is now watching this closely. There are The trade fair center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. In Shia capital.

There are 2500 stalls in the fair. Construction work at Pragati Maidan is going on at a fast pace. Only tea. Earlier, stalls could be set up in different buildings for each state. was Today it is a complex with state-of-the-art facilities. Changed. States have an experience of not getting enough space. However, with the completion of construction in 2024, all the experiences will be in place. It will be fine. 5000 seat convention center up to 25 seat conference The hall is part of the construction. There will be a large underground parking facility on three floors. Underground roads are constructed to avoid traffic jams. The main paths are now open to the past. is
The theme of the fair this time is Vocal for Local, Local to Globe. Kerala has prepared a pavilion that makes it meaningless. Along with Uttar Pradesh, Kerala is also the focus state this time.

6000 Sq.Ft., 1st Floor, Hall No. 5, Pragati Maidani Pavilion of Kerala in area. It is organized by Information Public Relations Department. doing Artist Jinan is designing the stall for Kerala. This is the 25th year in a row that Jinan has played for Kerala. Designed by Lien.

Crowded with the spices of Kerala Uru is the main attraction at the entrance gate. Below this, all the trees will sprout on the pillars. Kerala had relations with foreign countries hundreds of years ago. This shows the para relationship. The brand value of Kerala at the international level is called for. Great. Details of Products of Kerala in Earth Index Pavilion Available at
As soon as you cross the entrance gate of the Kerala Stall, you will see the variety of art. Don’t do it. In the step prepared for this, the Aranmula mirror, the small Models, Murals, Miniature Figures, Pavakuth Co. Lanterns, clay figurines, miniatures of Chenda and Idakka which started in It was prepared by the artists from the craft village in Kovalam.

In 1970, under the direction of cartoonist Shankar, the Indian self-made doll was produced. The small Kathakali figures created by Lord Shiva who entered the arena can be interesting. He is the Lord. Aranmula Swadeshi Arvind instantly polishes Aranmulakanna T, Northern Swadeshi Ambili, Kaliman painting the mural at the same time Nilamburukaran Sivaprasad who makes figures, Tholpavakoot figure Rajeev, a native of Palakkad, who makes mats, and Thiruvananthapuram, who weaves mats. All those who started Ramani are in the age of Kerala Pavilion. Even at the international level, there will be small versions of the famous statue. He is a native of Bekal. Make Idakka, Uduk and Chenda and marvel at the Kerala Parleyan Who is Simod, a native of Palakkad? Around this are the stalls of different departments of Kerala.

Every state has its own state cultural performance. An opportunity has also been prepared in the fair at Pragati Maidani. In two large open air amphitheatres, each state has its own Art performances can be held during the allotted two hours. Kerala’s art exhibition was held on Saturday. This time the famous flute player Chertala Rajesh and Sangh presented Kerala is prepared by Cha Fusion. Each state is different in days up to 27. Art performances are also a part of the fair. A unique opportunity to see different art forms performed. It is what people get at the fair.

A taste of each state along with cultural and artistic events International Trade Fair held at Lariyuwan Pragati Maidan There is an opportunity in Each state has a food court to provide its taste buds to the people. The stalls are ready. Kutumbashree is setting up stalls in the food court for Kerala. People can get delicious Kerala food there. This is also an opportunity to know the taste of each state. Food courts in the fair.

Pragati Mai will be accompanied by dance, drama, song and rhythm. Trade fair in Thane. It can be said that those who came to the fair did not feel like a mushiv at all. Visitors can get a free caricature at the Income Tax Pavilion. . It is drawn by the Joint Commissioner of Income Tax Department, Kochi. Famous caricaturist B. Sanjeev. 500 visitors a day Caricatures is the fastest in India Drawn by Sanjeev, a trained caricaturist. Magic, quiz and painting are arranged in many stalls of the fair. A variety of mascots can be seen around most of the stalls.
The visitor says that one day is not enough to see the fair well. R. All states require their products to be new features. Mela as a platform to reach out to the community of Rizum and places of worship Seeing Each state also has a national stage where they represent their country. The fair has changed now.

Each department under the central government and their growth The fair is made the stage to present before the. Mela helps people to know what services are available to them. will have The various departments of states and Pavilions of clubs and private institutions. In short, the growth of the state can be brought to the visitors. The trade fair is the reason for that. Mela Kandi is equivalent to a Yatra held in different states of India. Experience every visitor that lands.

People even come from other states to see the fair and buy the products. We are coming. Buyers cheated from pavilions of states The specialty of the fair is that it can be assured that it will not be crowded. Because the products are under the control of the respective state governments. It is kept in the palm. Ghee and other items will be sold in large quantities at the Kerala Pavilion. that India International Trade Fair brings India together There is no mistake in saying that.



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