Santiniketan, November 23 (H.S.): Visva Bharati again heated up with the demand for the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor. Student protests in university, bloody students-security guards. A group of students surrounded the office of the vice-chancellor demanding the return of the education environment and the resignation of the vice-chancellor. The vice-chancellor claimed that he had been harassed. I feel insecure.

A group of students were going to the vice-chancellor with some demands on Wednesday. In front of the vice-chancellor’s house, the security guards blocked the way to climb the second-floor stairs. Students clashed with them. After that, the university campus became heated. The students went to the security guards to talk to the vice-chancellor. However, the students claimed that the vice-chancellor shouted and behaved badly at that time. After that, the students sat in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s house. Block the gate. Visva Bharati staff stopped the students when they tried to enter the office. The agitators tried to reach the vice-chancellor’s house but were stopped by the security guards. Clashes started between the security guards and the students. 1 security guard and 1 student injured in the scuffle.

The students complain that the vice-chancellor does not listen to them. On the other hand, when the Paduas went to meet today, the vice-chancellor ordered the security guards to shoot at the students. Then the situation became heated. The agitating students clashed with the security guards. After that, the students began to besiege demanding the resignation of electricity. The protestors said that the siege will continue until the vice-chancellor resigns.

According to the students, the Vice-Chancellor was besieged by allegations of not admitting former agitating students, obstructing the study of research students and even disobeying court orders. The vice-chancellor was surrounded in his office at the central office of Visva Bharati from this afternoon. An activist named Shubo Nath claimed, “When we voiced our demands, he beat up the students with the security guards. Then when we want to talk, he orders the security guards, “Fire on the students.” When he can give this order, he should resign. The siege will continue until he resigns.

The protesting SFI student leader Somnath Sou said, “We had informed 10 days ago about submitting the demand certificate. It was asked to submit it to the Secretary. I submitted it seven days ago. I asked for a reply within seven days. But if it doesn’t match, come to the Vice-Chancellor on Wednesday. As soon as we arrived, the vice-chancellor directed the security guards towards us. We are all aware of his vengeful politics towards the students. We want him out of the Rabindra Institute.”

Not only the Vice-Chancellor, many official workers of Visva Bharati got stuck in the students’ movement. The agitators did not let them go. Rajeev Jhan, an activist of Biswa Bharati, got into an argument with the students in a haughty state. He claimed, “Hands have been laid on the vice-chancellor. He was physically assaulted. The students wanted the vice-chancellor to see the doctor, but the students were preventing the doctor from entering.” Although denying the allegation, Meenakshi Bhattacharya, unit president of Visva Bharati Trinamool Chhatra Parishad, said, “I did not attack the vice-chancellor. Instead he ordered to fire. He got up to waste our six years of research. Applying for certain benefits for women in higher education is being blocked. We don’t want a despicable scheming vice chancellor. “

The Vice-Chancellor has filed a counter-charge against the students. Vice-Chancellor Vidyut Chakraborty also alleged that some of the students tried to beat him up. Vidyut, who is angry about the students’ encirclement movement, said, “The demands are being discussed. No decision has been made yet. But, I am being harassed. I am saddened that this rudeness, abuse by parents is going on in Rabindranath University. I have proof of this. I feel insecure. He said that he has approached the police about this.


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