How will financial stability, job, health and relationship be in the new week? Is there any indication of complications anywhere? Whether it’s hectic during the week or spending the weekend happily with the family. How will the equation of the relationship be, will the people of love come closer to meet the misunderstanding? Find out how the change of planetary positions will affect your horoscope in the new week (November 21 – November 27)-


The start of the week will be disappointing. But the situation will change from Tuesday. The work at hand will be completed. However, vehicle related issues may be a problem at this time. There will be an increase in income from Friday but in spite of that many unnecessary thoughts will be in your mind. During this time any big plans that you are certain will come to fruition will suddenly come to a halt. But on Saturday, the situation will once again be in your favor. There will be success in work. However, employees will not be able to concentrate on work this week. Do not seek advice from anyone in this case.

what to do– Light a ghee lamp in front of Grihalakshi, anxiety will reduce and obstacles in work will be removed.


In the new week there is the addition of happiness from children. If there is an obstacle in the previous week’s urgent work, it will be resolved. Even if the week starts well, Tuesday may be upset for some unknown reason. It can affect work. You may face multiple obstacles at work. Opponents will remain active. But Wednesday and Thursday will be good days. You will come in contact with several new people. You will benefit from these relationships in the future. Income will be good and multiple projects will be implemented. Interest and attraction towards new work will increase. You will see success on Friday and Saturday. However, the situation will not be so good after Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned and be careful. Relationship wise this week is pretty good. Love relationship will be stronger and relationship with life partner will be stronger.

what to do– If you go to Ram Mandir and apply saffron tilak to Ram, you will get benefits. Obstacles will be overcome.


Moon’s position in the fourth house of Gemini in the new week will cause stress. You will be worried about several things and it will be difficult to keep a cool head. The head will get heated even with trivial matters. But the second day of the week means that the situation will be slightly better from Tuesday. Will be happy with child’s work. There is an increase in income during this period. Any obstruction in the work will be removed immediately. Your role at work will be appreciated. There is an increase in income from Mercury and Jupiter. There is a possibility of new work or employment. But at this same time your opponents will become active. So extra caution is needed in any work. Friday is associated with receiving sudden money. On this day old works will speed up. Saturday will be a good day for you. Money is added.

what to do– Light a ghee lamp in front of Ganesha and obstacles will be removed.


Time will be on your side but there will be no peace of mind. This week your work may be disrupted due to others. At the beginning of the week, Mondays and Tuesdays can be a waste of time, so be careful. There is also a possibility of unnecessary expenditure during this time. However, if the financial situation is created, it will pass on Wednesday and Thursday. You will get help from the child and happiness and peace will come to the family. Work will speed up on Friday. Earnings are likely to increase. But on Saturday again, indifference towards work will be created. Even this time will create a strong desire to be alone.
What to do – Light the lamp by performing puja at the Hanuman temple


Good start to the week. Brothers will help you in any need. Fortune will be kind to you. Time is positive in terms of income and all problems will be solved easily. But for some unknown reason Mercury and Jupiter will be upset. Will not be able to work. An indifference will work. This may affect your income. But this situation will change on Saturday. Income will increase. Work will speed up.

What to do- Pour water on Shiva’s head to get a simple solution to the problem


In the new week, the way of earning will be wide and the work will go according to plan. Your family will cheer up in any problem. Be it in land litigation or any dispute, you will have the last laugh. Value and fame will increase in the society. Brothers will help you in any need. Has outstanding success. All your problems will be solved this week. Saturday is very important day. There is a strong possibility of success in any important work on this day.

what to do– Donate red cloth to Durga temple and obstacles will be removed.


Your income will be better in the new week. Work will speed up. Good news will make you happy. There will be work pressure on Wednesday and Thursday, but along with that, money will also be added. By the end of this week you will find the solution to all the problems. Come in contact with people who will help you move forward on the path of improvement. There is also a possibility of travel this week. Friday and Saturday will be spent happily and peacefully. Will spend good time with family. However, there is a possibility of a dispute with the family over a small matter. But the whole matter will be resolved quickly.

what to do– Lighting ghee lamp in Hanuman temple will remove obstacles.


Lack of income may occur and unnecessary expenses may arise. Wednesday and Thursday income will be Bal. You will get help from friends. Your plans with work will be successful and there is an increase in income during the week. Will win the dispute. Family by your side in any problem will boost your morale. Will meet old friends. There is a strong possibility that the much awaited work will finally be completed. Trouble with spouse for several days will finally be resolved. The relationship will be sweeter and stronger.

What to do- Durga Chalisa can be recited to avoid any kind of obstacles.


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