Why are your reporters in Qatar if there is so much moral outrage; Will it do the same in the US? Widespread protests on social media against the BBC

Protests are intensifying in the social media against the British broadcaster BBC channel that did not broadcast the World Cup opening ceremony.

Football fans and people from other fields are criticizing the decision not to show the opening ceremony of the World Cup in full through BBC One channel through social media.

Instead of showing it live from the beginning to the opening ceremony of the World Cup, the BBC aired only the final part.

At the time, the BBC broadcast a Women’s Super League football match and a pre-recorded story about human rights issues in Qatar.

“How dare they (BBC) do this?” This is British taxpayers’ money. It’s the opening ceremony of a World Cup and we should be able to see it,” former Crystal Palace FC owner Simon Jordan told talkSPORT.

“The fact that the BBC did not broadcast the opening ceremony of the World Cup shows a great disrespect to Qatar.

If they (BBC) are so alarmed, they should bring their staff (BBC journalists) back to Britain and rid us of this absurd drama and double standard,” British-American television presenter Piers Morgan said in a tweet.

”Where was this moral outrage of the BBB when the World Cup was held in Russia. Do the same next time you’re in the US. Because there are gun laws and abortion laws.

“No, you only care when an Arab country hosts the World Cup,” Morgan said in response to a Twitter user who commented on Qatar’s labor problems.

“The BBC did not broadcast the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup in protest. Just nine months earlier, the same BBC broadcast the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in China, which is accused of genocide.

The epitome of hypocrisy and duplicity!,” tweeted Ayman, a journalist with US channel MSNBC.

“When it hosted the World Cup in 2018, Russia had already annexed Crimea and occupied eastern Ukraine. There was not even the slightest criticism of it from the BBC at the time, and the opening ceremony was shown in its entirety.

Yet the BBC has decided to have a ‘sacred discourse’ with Qatar. Disgraceful,” tweeted teacher and author Muhammad Jalal.

Former footballer and BBC sports commentator Gary Lineker has responded to the issue. His justification was that the opening ceremony of the World Cup was broadcast on other channels of the BBC.

Media including BBC and Reuters have already been criticized for providing anti-Qatar news.

Earlier, Colombian singer Maluma also made big news when he walked out of an interview to protest the Israeli host’s continued questions about human rights in Qatar.

Maluma, one of the singers of Qatar’s World Cup anthem Tukoh Taka, boycotted an interview conducted by Israeli public broadcaster Cannes in Qatar.

Maluma was repeatedly asked and forced to answer questions about human rights in Qatar. Maluma left after this.

At the same time, protests are intensifying against Western media reporting on the campaign model against Qatar, the first Arab country to host the World Cup. Piers Morgan himself responded in strong language to the allegations against Qatar.

Piers Morgan said that there was a double standard in the protests against Qatar, which criminalized homosexuality, and that if other countries were measured by the same yardstick as the protests and criticisms against Qatar, no country would be eligible to host the World Cup.

“Homosexuality is a criminal offense in eight of the 32 countries competing for the World Cup. If you turn against Qatar in the name of homosexuality, you should do the same with the other seven countries. If you are thinking of changing the venue to America, there are even more cruel and regressive laws. Abortion is an example. The same is true in the UK.

We (the US) illegally invaded Iraq. The terrorism of ISIS also started. That terrorism has continued for more than 20 years. Do we have any qualification to be a World Cup venue,” said Piers Morgan.

The news and criticism given by the Western media against Qatar is full of double standard and hypocrisy.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino also said.

“It’s a double standard. One hundred percent injustice is happening in these criticisms. We Europeans have to apologize for at least the next 3000 years for what we Europeans have done in the last 3000 years. “Then you can give advice to others,” Infantino said.

There have been protests from Qatar and other parts of the world against Qatar’s legal system, which criminalizes homosexuality.

Organizations including Human Rights Watch had reported about many human rights violations and labor exploitations in Qatar as part of preparing facilities for the World Cup. But many people pointed out that anti-Muslim and racism is behind the campaign of European teams and Western media against Qatar by providing fake news.

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