Skin Care Routine: Take note of some simple tips on how to keep your skin hydrated and vibrant on winter days, what not to do this time.

Winter Season is looming in the wind. Dry skin naturally loses its luster due to cold air. As soon as the cold head wind starts, the skin becomes more sensitive, crusty, dull. The skin of the hands and feet feels tight, and the tendency to crack the lips has also started. Just as clothes need to be changed during winter, skin care routine also needs to be changed. One routine should be followed for skin care during monsoons, another routine to combat dryness in winters. Take note of some simple tips on how to keep skin hydrated and vibrant during winter days, and what not to do this time.

Moisturizers made with ceramide, colloidal oatmeal and jojoba oil can be used to moisturize the skin in winter. During this time, you can use moisturizer several times a day to relieve the skin from dryness. Hyaluronic acid, urea, and lactic acid-based moisturizers can be added to regular moisturizers for hydration. Use a petroleum or lanolin-containing lip balm several times a day for chapped lips, not just the skin.


During winters, avoid using foam-based cleansers as much as possible. Instead, use a cleanser that contains cetyl along with sterile alcohol. As they cleanse the skin, they also hydrate the skin. It keeps the skin moist and never leaves the skin feeling oily. Use gentle, moisturizing cleansers this time.

Bathe in hot water limited- Can you bathe without hot water in winter? right But don’t stay under the hot shower for too long. Because it causes serious damage to the skin. Do more harm than good. Try bathing for five to ten minutes using lukewarm water.

Avoid cosmetic products while bathing- Avoid scrubbing or exfoliating in winter. During this time the skin cells become dry. It tends to dehydrate the skin. Use as light a body wash as possible. Use alkaline soap as little as possible.

Compounds like retinoids and skincare acids cause irritation in the skin. Reduce the use of those products in winter.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen

Not only in summer, but also in winter, the effect of UV rays of the sun is very good. It can damage the skin. Due to the UV rays of the sun, problems such as pigmentation, tan, tension etc. are seen. So use sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA+++ whenever you go out in winter.


Facial skin has fewer oil glands than the body, so dehydration is the most likely. Use lanolin, shea butter, petroleum gel, hyaluronic acid-containing moisturizers in this climate.

Keep hand cream close at hand

After each hand wash, use a non-greasy hand cream to regain moisture. A hand cream with jojoba oil, shea butter and dimethicone will leave hands beautiful, smooth and soft.


Exfoliation is needed in winter to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Because this time relatively rehydrates dead skin cells on the skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells quickly and makes the skin clearer. Use a mild exfoliation with a salicylic acid or glycolic acid-based body wash once to twice a week.

face mask

At this time, you can apply your favorite face mask to make the skin calm, soft, moisturized. But it should have hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in it. It keeps the skin bright and moist.


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