France-4 Australia-1

(Adrien Rabiot, Olivier Giroud-2, Kylian Mbappe) (Crog Goodwin)

France played football like a picture. The heart was filled with seeing. If this is not the world champion. This is the best match of the World Cup so far. France could have won by more goals with the chances they created. Oliver Giroud scored a pair of goals. He could have scored a hat trick. Kylian Mbappe scored a goal. The PSG striker could also have scored a hat-trick. Antoine Griezmann, Ousmanu Dembele also missed the goal. France played with such speed that ninety minutes passed by nowhere. I think Australia is not a big team. The Asian team will not be able to compete with the world champions, that much is known. Again they scored in the ninth minute and dealt a big blow to the French national pride. The rest of the time, France showed how deadly they can be when the French are hit. Looking at their game, who would say that the team does not have three top stars. Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante or Karim Benzema were knocked out of the tournament due to injury. But seeing the France of the first day there is no room for them to cry. France is in France.

Five of those who made France champions at the 2018 World Cup in Russia were in the starting XI. Goalkeeper and captain Hugo Lloris, right back Benjamin Pavard, and the three musketeers up front in Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Mbappe. The remaining six are new. Two center backs Ibrahim Konate and Upamecano, left back Lucas Hernandez, midfielders Ousmanu Dembele, Adrien Rabiot and Techuameni – all new. But the mix of the old with the new was so good that France played like a well-oiled machine throughout. France showed what is called passing football on Tuesday evening. Great passing with incredible pace. France played a total of 724 passes. And every pass is perfect and address written. But the best of the day was Kylian Mbappe. He was 19 in the last World Cup. Now 23. But what maturity. Running down the left flank at breakneck speed, he blew up the Aussie defence. France played in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The three attacking midfielders were Dembele, Griezmann and Mbappe. A forward is Oliver Zirou. Giroud did not score a single goal in seven matches in the last World Cup. A pair of goals in the first match. It should be mentioned that last time also France played the first match with Australia. Won 2-1. This time they have much better results than that.

Despite a storming start, France conceded a goal within nine minutes. Left back Lucas Hernandez fell to block an attack from the right. Leckie passed the ball long to Goodwin running in behind. Goodwin scored with a good left foot shot on the ball. This is the fastest goal in the World Cup. France digested the goal as if nothing had happened. But their game has not changed at all. Playing pass after pass, they started reaching in front of the goal. The goal was paid in 27 minutes. Adrien Rabiot headed in Mbappe’s cross from the left. Five minutes later, Rabiot, running down the left at breakneck speed, laid a golden pass for Giroud. There is only an empty goal ahead. Giroud did not make a mistake to score. After that Mbappe got the ball in just six yards but blew it over the bar. But in the 68th minute, Dembele headed the center and scored. Zirou’s second goal came three minutes later. Mbappe centered the ball. Ziru scored with a header. At the end of the match, Didier Deshon brought down Marcus, the son of Lilliam Thuron, the right back of France’s 1998 world-winning team. It should not be forgotten that the current coach of France was the captain of the service.

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